Group Therapy at Legacy Park

  • Workout Date - 10/02/2023
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34 PAX (including 4 FNGs, all of which were 2.0s #Tclaps) got turnt up this AM at Legacy Park. YHC had been laid pretty low by various pieces of bad news this week. (Semper’s friend Jessica losing her 7 year battle with breast cancer, and Spicoli’s diagnosis). YHC has been heavily involved with various groups fighting cancer over the years, and this type of stuff never fails to hit home.

In YHC’s humble opinion, Dr. Melfi aside, there’s no better therapy that sweating all that negative energy out, especially in the company of a group of PAX like F3 Swamp Rabbit. In Men’s Roundtable this past Wednesday, one of the many things that stuck out was the following Scripture.

As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend. (Proverbs 27:17 NLT)

Given how the week has gone, YHC thought it was appropriate to remind the PAX that we are in this thing together, and it is only together that we will grow and succeed.


Murdock led us in prayer to lift up Spicoli and all others who are suffering in any way. Finished off with the Lord’s Prayer to get everybody’s mind right before we got down to bidness.


SSH x 27

IW x 17 #noticeapattern?

YHC asked the PAX if anybody recognized the significance of the numbers 27 and 17. Even our resident Pastor (Murdock) missed it.

PENALTY: Burpees x 10 OYO #warmedupplentynow

The Thang

Mosey to the wall of the Fern for Balls to the Wall/Hipslappers… AUDIBLE: too many PAX for the wall. Move on to the next thang.

Indian run to the neighborhood circle (double applesauce style)

Four Corners (sprint to each corner of the circle and perform an exercise x 6 , plank up till everybody’s done, rinse and repeat for each exercise)

Merkins x 6

LBCs x 6

Walking Lunges x 6

Indian run  (Triple Applesauce Style #BIGgroupofPAX)) to the bottom of 1D’s Hill

HOOTIE-ble: 10 Burpees OYO

Partner Up

Dora 1,2,3 (one partner runs 1D’s Hill to the speed bump and back while the other exercises)

Merkins x 100

Russian Twist x 200

Squats x 300

Plank up till everybody’s done…

HOOTIE-ble: 10 Burpees OYO

Star Drills (special request from Iceman): Stick with your partner. One partner runs the drill while the other exercises. Flapjack till both partners are done with each exercise and move on to the next one.

Back scratchers


Burpees #crowdpleaser #loveyouSnowden

(no HOOTIE-ble here, as the man himself was #smoked)

Mosey to the the pond.

11s: Derkins/Dips #crowdpleaser

HOOTIE-ble: 10 Burpees OYO

JAILBREAK up the Grassy Knoll and back to the circle (tight race to the finish between Uncle T.B.C. and Earp)


In/Outs x27

Superman (Flay sings Believe it or Not” #IcanSOsing!!!) and then flip over to Banana for 17 seconds

Heels to heaven x 27

LBCs x 17



  • Murdock’s Marriage Enrichment Program will be kicking off soon. Reach out to him directly if you’re interested
  • Don’t forget to ping the M’s about Females in Action (FiA). Interest is growing in Greenville to put together a chapter sometime soon, but they want to make sure they’ve got a good core group
  • Also, M.Flay (Nikki Zimmerman) has set up an F3 Widows Facebook group. It’s a closed group, so have your M search it out and ask to join
  • Turkey Day Convergence: Thursday, 11/28, 0700 Conestee Park


  • Superior effort today by the PAX. YHC needed some serious punishment therapy and all 34 men ate it up.
  • We made a point to have some partner-centric circuits in light of the verse. The level of teamwork and fellowship, especially going up and down 1D’s Hill during Dora, was the highlight of the day. Tons of encouragement, high fives and fist bumps. That’s what F3 is all about, gentlemen.
  • #Tclaps to T.B.C. for the idea of incorporating Proverbs 27:17 into the Q #creditwherecreditisdue
  • You may have noticed we coined a new phrase: HOOTIE-ble. Named after the Man himself, who was on fire today, this is when a member of the PAX other than the Q calls an audible in between circuits to and raises the bar even higher. Wonderful addition to what was already a fairly thorough beatdown. #tclaps
  • This one’s for Jessica, who went home finally this week after a 7 year battle. May she and her family find Peace.
  • This one’s for Spicoli. I’ve never met you, brother, but I’m looking forward to the day when I do. You’re in my heart and my prayers.


1 thought on “Group Therapy at Legacy Park”

  1. Great incorporation of Proverb 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” (NASB) I would encourage us all to memorize that verse and bring it to the Legacy workouts, either before the workout or during COT.

    Thanks to you all for sharpening me. Got loads of cardio left to sharpen, but feeling stronger everyday… and that is because you’re sharpening ME. If I can ever sharpen your soul condition, please seek me out! I’m here for you.

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