Greta's visit back to Pitchfork

  • Workout Date - 12/15/2015
  • Q In Charge - Thumper
  • The PAX - Sammy, ATM, Dr. Phil, SoccerMom, FloppyDisk, Whisper, ChurchLady, Teddidiah, PineTar, MO
  • AO -

Conditions:  Seemed pretty nice, but by the time we got to the Blurpees no one cared.

Back on Whisper’s B-day Q, we gave Greta a good run, but the 312 blurpees between 2 man teams proved to be a complete time sucker.   That seemed to bother Whisper and I a little.  I think we both had the unhinged idea that Greta, as written at the Whisper B-day Q, could be finished on a weekday workout.   Whisper was gracious enough to bring the coupons back, and I thought of we shave the warm up down to almost nothing, we stood a chance………enough with the chat chit.



SSH 3xIC (no that is not a type error)

THANG: Greta

DORA with 4x8x16, 24lb blocks

Exercise 1: 104 block swings

Exercise 2: 208 Squat presses

Exercise 3: 312 Blurpees

The transition was ~40 yard run, carry yo coupon and drop it off at the end, or bring it back according to your turn, jumping over 3X aluminum benches spaced evenly over the distance.

No time for MOM, that’s just plain crazy.

Announcements:   Breakfast at Gideons, 12/23.  Deucible coming up.  ATM made the good point of all PAX not forgetting to place the right importance on the 3rd F.   YHC falls short here (confession time!), but we are all a part of F3 to get better.

PR’s:   Whisper’s friend Skyler passed away in hospice care earlier this week, please be in prayer for Church’s wife who is coping with RA.   YHC’s friend, Justin Cain was transferred to hospice care yesterday, please pray for his family.   His mother has lost her husband and will loose her son within 3 years of each other.  He was a brilliant guitarist.

Moleskin:  Very proud to be a part of the PF PAX.  We went at Greta with 100%, but she once again proved that she may just be built for Saturdays.   Every team got to the 200 blurpee mark or higher, the high count was 218.  By best post post chatter, we need another 10 minutes or so to have gotten in the next ~100 ish blurpees to get to our magic and elusive 312 figure.   Ted and SoccerMom retain rabbit status, I think Ted may have broken a block with his head?   Sammy was absolutely unrelenting on the blurpees, ATM showed up even though he knew what was coming, that boy’s not right.  Everybody hustled, everybody struggled, and everybody got a little stronger today.

Always a pleasure, SYITG (in Conway tomorrow)



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