Greta from Iceland

  • Workout Date - 11/24/2015
  • Q In Charge - Whisper
  • The PAX - Easy Bake, ATM, Bambi, Floppy Disk, Thumper, Hulk Smash(respect), Soccer Mom, Whipser(YHC)
  • AO -

8 PAX gathered at #Pitchfork to celebrate YHC’s 52nd birthday. Several noted the conspicuous lack of the Whisper-mobile in the parking lot.  YHC explained it was being used to haul “stuff” to the AO.


SSH x 52 IC

Hillbillies x 52 IC

Mosey to the track where the Whisper-mobile was found loaded with coupons.


30 degF is cold enough to bring out Greta, Dora’s frigid Icelandic cousin. Teams of (2) for Greta 1-2-3. Each PAX collects a coupon.

Staying with multiples of 52, the exercises at the start point were:

104 block swings

208 squats with overhead press

312 block burpees (Yes, this is the correct order and not a typo)

The 2nd PAX ran to the far end of the course (about 60yrds) coupon in hand and left it there. The course was cluttered by 3 benches to hurdle. Return and flipflop, next PAX gets the coupon to return it to the start.

Greta was a real crowd-pleaser. Time was running out so we did not finish all the block burpees, but Thumper has formulated a plan and Greta will be back soon.

Because it is Thanksgiving week Turkish getups are required. Tried these with the coupons which turned out to be dangerous since coupons lack handles. We ditched the coupons and it just wasn’t the same.  Turkish getups will be back also.


LBC x52 IC

Box cutters x26 IC. YHC was out of gas or out of time.  Going with the 2nd option.


Donations for Upstate Backpack Blessing need to be to Floppy Disk by Thursday am at the latest. See tweets from Floppy Disk for the list.

Christmas party 12/12.  Preblast by ACA is up.


2 M’s mentioned either getting well or an upcoming surgery.

Safety for holiday travelers.


In honor of the occasion, Hulk Smash was sporting new shorts which were purchased in the current millennium. This was appreciated given the attire for his 2 previous posts.

YHC is wondering if it is the Q’s responsibility to keep the coupons warm prior to a workout so the PAX hands do not get cold … NOT.  Don’t make me take you man card.

52 IC of just about anything is more than it sounds like.

Always a pleasure. SYITG

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