Green Vegas Greatest Hits

  • Workout Date - 10/08/2015
  • Q In Charge - Caviar
  • The PAX - Firestone, Tourettes, Hooch (for Mary), Washer, Soul Plain
  • AO -

YHC rolled out of the fartsack a bit late this am and missed the Early Edition. It was providential however, because when he showed up 15 minutes later at the Peace Center AO, no Q was available (makes one wonder if Main Thang and Early Edition should combine again). Two F3 out-of-towners (Firestone, and FNG/Tourettes) were present though, so the hostess with the most-ess within YHC raised his hand to roll out the red carpet with an impromptu Q. It was a greatest hits of Swamp Rabbit’s quasi-birthplace. Here’s what went down:

SSH x 25
Hillbillies x 15
Jack Webb x 5 Christmas Tree (plus a few extra Merkins when YHC spaced out)
Russian Twists x 25
Mosey down the steps behind Peace Center
100 yd Jail Break from chest down x 4
11s – Pull Ups and Fair Jacks at bridge handrail and up the steps behind Larkins’.
Mosey over to Murphy Street Parking Bridge
Front and Backwards mosey up to the top of the deck
Diamond Merkins x 10 (in cadence)
Mosey down to wall behind deck
Muscle Ups x 20
Guantanamo x 1 around hedge by Falls Bridge
Frankenstein, Lunge, Bear Crawl, and Crab Walk across Falls Bridge
Pull Ups x 5 & Derkins x 5 – Two Rounds
Joe Hendrix up top flight of stairs next to Spill The Beans
Mosey half way up Main Street towards HQ
Jail Break from chest down to HQ
Mary: Heels to Heaven, Dolly

A warm welcome to FNG Karl Neimour (sp?), a.k.a Tourettes (F3 Nashville) and Firestone (F3 Charlotte – North)
Announcements: Mud Run, Golf Tourney, ATL Battle Frog
Prayer Requests: Safe journey for Firestone/Tourettes

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