Greatest Hits Tour at Legacy Relaunch

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  • Workout Date - 02/29/2020
  • Q In Charge - Flay
  • The PAX - Iceman, Padre, Elmer, Obama, Rainbow Warrior, Houston247, FNG-Sign Stealer, Bruce, Domer Simpson, Beamer, Semi-Sweet, Caviar, Play-do, Inspector Gadget
  • AO - Legacy

YHC is still shaking the mothballs off and getting, as they say, my poop in a group in terms of fitness and getting re-engaged with the PAX, but it’s been a fun first two weeks back, both for me and our OG AO. Ice put the full court EH on me to get involved, and I gotta say, I’m beyond thankful. There’s a reason Legacy was our founding place at F3 Swamp Rabbit, as it has myriad options to get creative with any kind of beatdown a Q’s heart desires. Plus, it’s located ideally for PAX located all over the Upstate to swing by on Saturday. Frankly, that’s what made it so special to many of us old timers back in the day when we started the expansion out of Main Thang. Even though people became ‘Burbians (RIP), ‘Keggers, Tankyardigans (RIP until recently), Pitchfork Weirdos, etc, we all had a home base to reconvene on Saturday, and get a healthy dose of all 3 F’s.

So, #tclaps to Play-do and Ice for spearheading this effort to revive the old girl. It’s our first AO, and in my not-so-humble opinion, our greatest. Come on and join us sometime, and kick it Old Skool. If you do, you’ll get a taste of something like this:

15 not-so-frosty bunnies circled up around the Raider-made Shovel Flag that AP and Tiger Rag bequeathed us on the Swamp Rabbit 1 year Anniversary.  3 of which were 2.0s that either Domer or his milkman would be able to claim. Shouts to Elmer and Obama who got miles in prior to the beat down, and to Padre who Q’d the Pitchfork and hauled over to join about 15 minutes in.


SSH x 20 IC (all except Obama. No idea what the hell he was doing but it was entertaining)
MC x 20 IC
IW x 20 IC (In which we see Houston247 confirming that we blancos still can’t dance)
Burpees x 5 OYO


Mosey over to the playground and hit the low wall

5’s: Derkins and Dips

Mosey down to the Grassy Knoll

The Beast

Round 1: Squats
Round 2: Flutters (at which point Padre joins the fray)
Round 3: Lunges

Mosey down to the pond and partner up


Partner 1 takes a lap around the pond while partner 2 does sets of hand release merkins x 5 and jump squats x 5 AMRAP until partner 1 gets back. Flapjack, rinse, and repeato for 5 minutes

Two rounds of 5 minutes

Mosey to the base of 1D’s Hill, keep your partners

Dora 1-2-3

Partner 1 runs to the top of 1Ds Hill and back. Partner 2 works. Flapjack, rinse, repeato until all reps (aggregate) are complete.

Squats x 100
Flutters x 200 (DC)
Air Presses x 300

Mosey over to the grassy wall

Modified Ark Ladder

Bearcrawl up the wall. Jumpsquat x 1.
Jameis Winston back down
Rinse, repeato adding a Jumpsquat each trip up to 5

Jailbreak back to the flag


Backscratchers x 20 IC
Dying Cockroach x 20 IC
LBC x 20 IC


  • Great being back out with the PAX in our old stomping grounds. Do yourself a favor and come on out and see what this place is all about
  • Possibly the best part is heading back to Greenfields for the best bagels in town (don’t @ me) and solid 2nd F. Always fun stinking that place up for 30 minutes and getting some recovery calories in
  • Several prayer requests centered around fatherhood, so just a reminder that, along with your marriage, that’s job #1
  • Keep your eye pealed for details around the return of the Jackalope. Seal and YHC have put our deeply warped heads together and are gonna bring our OG CSAUP back in its OG form (a tour from MainThang out to Legacy). The date is set for Saturday, May 9.  Stay tuned on socials for further details (signups for pain station Qs, t-shirt and patch orders, etc) coming this week.

That’s all I got for now, brothers. SYITG.



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