Grand Tour de Greenville

  • Workout Date - 11/06/2015
  • Q In Charge - Spongebob
  • The PAX - Latka, PETA, Chum Bucket (F3 Raleigh), Stewie
  • AO -

San Diago was awesome last week and took the Early Edition slot for 11/5/2015.  On 11/4/2015, San Diago asked if I could cover for him because he’s afraid of commitments…and sleeves.

5 PAX showed up out of the Fartsack to feed that inner desire to take a step forward.  We had a visitor from F3Raleigh (Chum bucket) who was in town for some training on Taxes (Vote Trump and you won’t have to pay any!  #MakeAmericaBetter)

Warm Up
SSH X 25
IW X 15
Superman Merkins X 10

– Thunderbird Hill is one of YHC’s most favorite places downtown.  It’s brutal and will make a man out of you.
AUDIBLE!!!  – On the way, Latka informed me that Chum Bucket had never seen downtown and we should show him the Liberty Bridge.  YHC decided all plans had to be scrapped and a tour of Greenville was warranted.

The Thang
Run to Liberty Bridge
– Duck walk to first pillar/arm/whatever of bridge; bear crawl to second; duck walk to end.

Run up to fountain on Main
Dips X 10
Derkins X 10

Run across Main, into the brick street by Hampton inn, down stairs by Lazy Goat

Jacob’s Ladder
At bottom of Stairs, perform 10 X Big Boy Situps
Run to top of stairs
Hand release merkins at the top starting with 1 and adding until you get to 7 with each trip
– Latka left satisfied

Mosey down river, up the stairs by High Cotton, Up Main Street to the baseball stadium
– Pit stop along the way for some Plank-o-rama

Show Chum the Green Monstah while doing some super man Merkins

Run around stadium, back down the stairs by High Cotton, across the bridge towards Larkins, and stop at the bottom of the steps up to Peace Center.

Burpees X 10 OYO
Joe Hendrix up the stairs

Mosey to the flags

– LBCs
– Flutters
– Back Stretch
– Quad Stretch

Naked Moleskin
– Glad to have Chum Bucket with us for a visit.  Hope you enjoyed the tour!!!
– Prayers for Latka’s Clients; 2 separate clients going through some tough family situations with health of loved ones
– Prayers for PETA and Wife who are talking about career changes
– Nov 14th – Hope Relay
– Nov 14th – Brick Run
– Nov 19th – Toys for Tots
– Thanksgiving – Workout at Connestee
– Dec 12th – Holiday party

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