"GRACELAND" Goes Live!!

  • Workout Date - 07/31/2014
  • Q In Charge - Snowden
  • The PAX - Bartman, SanDiago, Amelia, Shannon Faulkner, Large Marge, King James, Epee, Banjo, Wiki, Zorro, Long Bottom, Uber, Footloose, Biebs, Hardhat, Vanilla Ice, Alfred, FNG-Tim Gjada (UniTard), Johnny-5, T.B.C., Erector, Ahhnold, Bibb
  • AO -

“This is the day the Lord has made.  We will rejoice and be glad in it” Psalm 118:24 is on the back of YHC’s shovel flag and it seems fitting today as we launched our new AO #Graceland.  25 brothers w/ 1 FNG rolled out of the #fartsack to see what Snowden had in store for the beatdown and here is what we down……


SSH x 10 IC

IW x 10 IC

Mountain Merkins x 10 IC #crowdpleaserearly


Mosey to back corner of Grace Church to start, Sprint and stop a each corner of the church and half way inbetween for AMRAP for 1min. painstations  6 total stops

Merkins, LBCs, Merkins, LBCs, Werkins, LBCs

Line up shoulder to shoulder in parking lot and broadjump stopping at everyother parking spotline till median and do 10 Merkins.  6 stops total for 60 Merkins

Line up shoulder to shoulder at next median and broadjump stopping at everyother parking spotline till next median and do 10 Diamond Merkins.  6 stops total again for 60 Diamond Merkins

Mosey around church..audible..High Knees for 1/3 of way, Butt Kickers for 1/3 of way…scratch that YHC couldn’t do Butt Kickers….Mosey to back of Childrens building and line up shoulder to shoulder….#yesagain

Lunge walk to every other parking spot line and perform 10 LBCs.  10 stops this time for 100 LBC’s total

See a pattern yet?????

Line up ONCE again and BurpeeBroad jump from one median to the next..wait for PAX to get there.  15 Flutters IC

Line up again, lunge walk from median to median, run backwards to the starting point

Mosey to front of church and grab some wall for 11’s


Mosey around church stopping at 2 painstations for 1min AMRAP

Airhumpers #sandiagorequest

Sumo Squats – Erector ripped his britches with a gasser on this one and we all had to evacuate the area.  #plannedtostopexerciseithink

Make two lines for some brokeback moutain

50 sec toes forward

50 sec toes facing outward

50 sec toes facing inward  #calvessmoked

Jail break around to flag…..Or Mosey…First step is a doosey!

3.5 MOM – 30 sec intervals of core with no stopping between sets


Dead Cockroach

Right Elbow plank crunch

Left Elbow Plank crunch

Elbow Plank

Around the World to Left

Around the World to Right


-Prayers for Ahhnolds father fighting cancer and for Snowdens dad in the hospital with Phneumonia.

-BRR need one more runner and drivers

-Greer Launch on Aug. 9th at City Park 7am

Personal Note:  Grace Church has a special place in YHC’s heart because without Grace Church and it’s community my marriage would not exist due to what my M and I went through just over a year ago.  I was very leary of the location Grace Church as a workout AO just because it is pretty much a parking lot (a HUGE one at that), but this morning when the PAX circled up for Warm Up I felt the warmth of the Holy Spirit and I KNEW right then that we were in the right spot for another Swamp Rabbit AO.  A shout out to #Flay, #Bartman, #Ahhnold, #Iceman for the push on me to get involved in launching another location.  God has blessed me in so many ways with putting Grace Church in my life and F3 and to bring those two together now…….well…..that is GODS Grace my brothers!!

See you in the Gloom!


Line up



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