Grabbing Ankles & Throwing Legs

  • Workout Date - 11/19/2018
  • Q In Charge - Squid
  • The PAX - Cocoon, Lt Dangle, Soccer Mom, Short Barrel, Mint Julip, Benign, Church Lady, Cockpit, Priscilla, NYOPT, Butterbean, Hot for Teacher, My Two Dads, Whisper, LOB, Live PD, YHC
  • AO - Tower of Terror

YHC signed up for a 3-year anniversary Q.  Wanting to celebrate 3 years of being in various levels of a relationship with F3, ranging from exclusive to casual, decided to generate some anticipation by going global and taking to the Twitter airwaves the night before with a general invite to a whopping 58 followers and specifically calling out 5 individuals.  Success was achieved with a 29% hit rate (17 PAX), and 60% showing from the individual trolling, including drafting partner Short Barrel, NYOPT, and the return of Mint Julip!  The reunion of LOB and Mint Julip in the TOT house left no doubt the title of this Backblast would not be the only weird thing this morning.  Further building the excitement, the legendary Whisper elected to join the workout instead of the normal Monday Mosey.  Even without a  working Automated Teller Machine in the local vicinity, the PAX pooled enough cash to make a down painment.  Kicked it off and into high gear with Church Lady filling in the blank with gusto when YHC pronounced “Welcome to TOT, where we kick Monday in the ________!”

Weather: 47 deg F.  Perfect.

F3 Mission: Nailed it.

Disclosure1: Not a professional.  At any anything.  Modify as necessary.

Disclosure2: Think about picking a partner.  Choose wisely.  You will be grabbing his ankles.

2 PAX (Butterbean, MTD) took off on their Monday Mosey.  Pretty sure they ran around the block, hid in BB’s truck, ate some Krispy Kremes, and then splashed water on their face before returning 40 mins later.


-SSH IC x 15ish

-Windmill IC x 15ish

-Quantities were unknown due to the unintelligible grunt-like counting method.  #payback

-Mosey to church parking lot, grab 1 block for 2 PAX


-YHC’s favorite workouts involve A) coupons B) no burpees C) limited running.  DORA tends to accomplish all 3 goals:

  • P1 runs to stop sign and back
  • P2 exercises
  • Flip flop and accumulate 100 Derkins, 200 Curl & Overhead Press, 300 Squats.

-Only a few made it to the 200 Tricep Extensions.  Why the delay?  There was a little twist….

-At each transition, both P1 and P2 performed 10 Leg Throwdowns: P1 lays on his back and grabs P2’s ankles, performing a leg lift from 6” into the stomach of P2.  P2 responds in kind by throwing P1’s legs toward the ground.  P1 stops 6” off the ground.  (This description alone just bumped the rating of this Backblast to PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association.  However, LOB & MJ actually performing this exercise removed it from the Family Friendly category.)


  • Stock Market Merkins IC x 3 (yes, 3 was enough)
  • Flutters IC til failure


-Turkey Day 5K

-Spinx Run Fest 49 weeks away.  See Whisper for 11 month training plan.

Praise/Prayer Requests:

-Continued prayers for Drake, son of My Little Brony

-Praise for clear scan results for wife of H4T

-Praise for NYOPT daughter’s knee surgery and prayers for quick recovery


-Multiple conversations at TOT this morning would have been escalated to “Heard at F3” if they had originated at another AO.  But at TOT, it was just a normal Monday:

Live PD: “Have you ever been in a foot chase with a midget.”

LOB (while throwing MJ’s wide stance legs): “He’s coming at me 3 wide!”

I appreciate all of you including me in your fitness, fellowship, and faith the past 3 years.  You have pushed me (mostly figuratively, sometimes literally) farther than I would have pushed on my own.

Proud to stand next to you, humbled to have the opportunity to lead you.



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