Governor's Cup Half-Marathon and 8k Pre-blast

  • Workout Date - 03/25/2023
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The 42nd Annual Governor’s Cup Road Race is quickly approaching and its time to join in the fun and challenge yourselves to #getbetter as F3 Nation makes it second annual trip downtown for the half-marathon and 8k races.  This event travels through downtown Columbia, through some scenic neighborhoods and the USC Campus for the final uphill mile.  There is something for everyone at this event, from the member of the pax faithfully running 4-5 miles at our various weekday running AOs and ready to ramp up and get that 13.1 sticker and those who maybe have just completed their 1st 5k and are ready to get better and push themselves to that 8k (5 mile) distance.


The Governor’s Cup Road Race website is here

There will be weekly training runs for those participating in the half-marathon either on Saturdays or Sundays depending on individual preference starting the weekend of Sept 12-13th.  Try to attend as many of these weeks as possible as we will be running on the actual race course and building our confidence as we increase the mileage each week.  Weekly pre-blasts for each week’s run will be posted here and links emailed to the pax.

Training for the 8k should be done at weekly running AO’s as that should be all you need to get you to that 5 mile mark.  A few weeks out from the race, we will schedule a Sunday run of the actual 8k race course.

Race Registration is open but we are working with race organizers for group status and a group discount.

Are you ready to rise to the occasion and push yourself to achieve something you never would have considered before kicking the sad clown life to the curb and joining your brothers in F3 Nation?

1) HC through email to YHC at and indicate which race you are interested in. 2) The F3 Discount code is GC420FFF.  Make sure you enter numbers for 4-2-0. Price for the Half-marathon before Oct. 1st is lowered to $50 and lowered to only $20 for the 8k run. Register yourself through Strictly Running via the Governor’s Cup website link and use the F3 discount code.

Aye brothers lets do this.

UPDATE 9/4/14:  Training begins.  All Pax thinking of running the 8k just keep it up at your local running AO’s concentrating on 4-5 miles each time, more if you can, and that consistency will be enough to get you well through race day.  Make sure there are some hills involved.

For the half-marathon runners for the month of September, Lake Murray pax will be adding miles before/after  #Swagger weekday runs at least once a week getting up to an 8-10 mile session weekly by the end of the month.  F3 Columbia pax will co-ordinate with Dry Heave (Ryan Barnes) and Slumdog (Charlie Irick) for Saturday morning long training runs.  Watch for updates on twitter or here as well.  Starting in October after the Mud Run craziness is done, we will meet as a group for runs on the actual race course and probably offer Saturday and Sunday options for the pax and get 11, 12, 13.1 miles in the weeks prior and taper down to 8 miles the week before the Gov Cup.  I’ll post training pre-blasts with those routes and times.  Keep working toward our goal brothers.

Current HC and interested list:

Magoo, A1A, Mungo, Enos, Pothole, Dry Heave, Slumdog, Collar, Michelle, Robber (you can do it)

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