Good News, PAX!

  • Workout Date - 03/25/2016
  • Q In Charge - ATM, Affordable Care Act
  • The PAX - Bambi, Hooch, Sammy, Whisper, ATM, Affordable Care Act (YHC), Fred, Wall-E, Footloose, Iceman, Lookout Below, NoBars, Thumper, The Tickler, Obama, Soccer Mom, Homeward Bound, Inspector Gadget, Ponch, Third Base, Padre, Pretty Loving Guy, Lite Brite, Grimace, Fogra, Sonny (FNG), Cher (FNG), Dr. Phil, iTunes
  • AO -

29 grown men came to an Elementary School Friday morning to mock the separation of church and state and learn/celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of the only life on earth led without sin, Jesus of Nazareth.

I love for my Qs to tell a story, but this is the greatest story ever told, so we just tried to do it justice…

Conditions:  60 degrees and no precipitation despite weather reports of thunderstorms.  Miracle?  Probably.

Disclaimer/Announcements:  Welcome two FNGs!  Also, if it isn’t apparent that @ATM and I are not fitness professionals, it should be crystal clear we are not biblical scholars (well, I’ll speak for myself as @ATM is going around baptizing people!)


[@ATM reads scripture from the birth of Jesus]

  • SSH x 30 for the number of years between Jesus’ birth and public ministry
  • Mosey to the hill

The Thang:

[@ATM explains Jesus performed thousands of miracles, but 37 are recorded in the Bible.]

  • Hillwork for said miracles.  Run backwards up hill, 5 merkins at the top. Repeato 7 times with 7 merkins on hill #7.
  • 12 Burpees, one for each disciple Jesus poured his life into.
  • One round of B.L.I.M.P.S for the one and only begotten Son of God and the one way to Heaven referenced in John 3:16.

[YHC walks through the Last Supper and trial under Pontius Pilate leading up to the decision to crucify our savior.]

  • Partner Cross Carry.  Each PAX (besides @Whisper… sometimes it pays to be quiet) carries their partner on their backs (who is in a crunch position) down to the end of the soccer field.  Switcharoo and bring it back.
  • Silent Plank.  After a brief summary of the crucifixion, PAX were asked to hold plank position as we enjoyed a silent prayer for our savior.

[YHC was thankful for the lack of rain, as I was able to share some scripture at the end of our plank that described the scene.]

[Note:  I take full credit for bringing @Hooch down to our level… it was me or the fact he wore a sweatshirt.  Either way, I’m glad he’s okay.]

  • Battleropes and Tires.  Due to the awesome turnout, YHC had to break up the group and have 15 PAX on the 4 firehose battlerope stations and 14 PAX flipping 2 tires.  Those not on the ropes or tires would do either big boy situps or switch between merkins and goblet squats.

[YHC brought the two tires together and had the PAX plank up in front of them.  After a very brief explanation (hey, I was winded), I rolled the tires (stones) away and revealed the firehoses (shrouds of linen) in the empty tomb.]    


  • Makhtar N’diayes x 16 [Note: YHC wanted to see if there would be any mumblechatter about this exercise in a parking lot after a full Q dedicated to the greatest sacrifice…. I wasn’t disappointed.]
  • X’s and O’s.


  • Welcome FNG’s Rick Hoke (NKA “@Cher“) and Koy Stone (NKA “@Sonny“).  My theory holds true that the more PAX attending a workout, the worse your nickname will be.
  • April 30th is a big day.  Mud Run in Columbia and HOG days in Greenville.  Homes of Hope has asked us to be a part of their project and we are bringing 2.0s for our first F3 Dads event … maybe ever.  Contact @Footloose if you can commit.

It’s been a pleasure pushing our mortal bodies with you brothers.  We are reminded today that these are temporary and our heavenly bodies await us at the gates of heaven thanks to the Downpainment of Jesus Christ.

Happy Easter, brothers.




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