Good GRACE-ious

  • Workout Date - 03/21/2023
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

Grove Park

5 dedicated men climbed out of the warm fartsack and put in their daily downPAINment at the Grove Park Inn.

SSH x 20
IW x 20
Merkins x 11

The Thang:
Starting at the bottom of the stairs, run to the top completing the following exercises at each landing:
Merkins x 10 at each landing
Sumo squats x 10 at each landing
Sprint to the top of the stairs and back down
Lunges x 10 at each landing
Joe Hendrix up 2 flights of stairs while completing air presses x 10 on the remaining landings
Plank exercises at the bottom as the PAX gets back together

Russian Twist x 15
Flutters x 15
LBC’s x 15

Modified 11’s er…..7’s
Squats and Fairyjacks (1 squat at the bottom of the stairs, 6 fairyjacks at the top, 2-5……….)

Needed to get back to the lodge so we might as well continue running the stairs, stopping at 4 landings to complete merkins x 10

Naked Moleskin:
-YHC thought that there would be an exit to the golf course from the stairs, there wasn’t so there was stairs and more stairs.
– Great to see a group of men getting up and encouraging each other.
– Shout Out to Romeo (FNG), nice work and look forward to seeing you out here on a consistent basis!

-Praises for Hermie and his family as they continue to intentional and committed to their parenting.

See you in the gloom,

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