Golden Strip – Nippler's Nightmare

  • Workout Date - 09/23/2023
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36 posted for Nippler’s VQ and BigBang in the DARK, and I mean DARK, Gloom! 16 at The Peace Center.  That’s 52 Gentlemen with 7 FNGs!


Warm-up with

Mosey to Elementary Field
Split the group in half….count off by 2’s
Team 1) 2 laps around the field on the small track.  In-between each lap stop and do 10 merkins and 10 burpees
Group 2) Grab the 8 Tires
1 guy flip the tire to the middle of the field while his partner does slow deep lunges alongside him…then flip flop.

Switch groups

Mosey toward middle school

Jacobs ladder up the hill by the road.
Bear crawl up the hill….1 burpee at the top…run down the hill….bear crawl up….2 burpees at top …continue to 7 burpees at the top.  AUDIBLE!  Stop at 4

On the way to the Middle school-Bear crawl up the hill

Mosey to the fball  field
Karaoke -30 yds
Back peddle-30 yds
Sprint -30 yds
Karaoke other side-30 yds
High Knees- 30 yds
Sprint-30 yds

Mosey to Benches along trackside…Team 1 – 10 dips while Team 2 – 10 merkins
Flip flop
Mosey back to elem school.  Stop along the way for MONKEY HUMPERS x 10 and partner wheelbarrow.  Flip Flop!

6MOM (Flutters, Single-Leg Flutters, LBCs)



  • Happy Birthday to Spongebob
  • The tires were a #crowdpleaser
  • Next workout is Thursday, 08/22.  The Tickler has the Q!

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  1. Aye, the #GreenvilleMiracle! @AP may stop denying the Upstate.

    NOTE: depending where you took the #RedPill this AM in Gville, you were either @Fletch (awesome) or @CoachK (horrible). Illustrative of the random nature of life in the Upstate. #RollTheDice

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