Golden Strip Arena

  • Workout Date - 08/07/2014
  • Q In Charge - The Nature Boy
  • The PAX - Captain Plug, Tebo, Tad Pole, The Tickler, Big D, 1_Direction, Fertile, Gymbori, Chop Sticks, Wifi, Sushi, Murdock, Hansbro, Ponzi, Hiesenburg, Re-tread
  • AO -

Tony Shavanti,
17 Pax posted at Golden Strip Arena for a 45 minute bout, no holds bar Mid Atlantic Championship sledge hammer beat down. The Nature Boy failed again to get all of the planned pain stations completed. I need a Saturday Q with a faster pace to get it done. I will have to be more mindful of time. The beat down started with a reading of Jesus Calling to give us something to think about during the beat down about “Understanding”. “Understanding will never bring you peace.” We all have a voracious appetite to figure things out in order to get a mastery of our lives, but as soon as you figure it out, the world will punch you in the mouth a give a never ending series of problems! You try to understand things that God will reveal in His own time. The relief that you anticipated is short lived. Soon your mind is gearing up for another tribulation again and again for more challenges, searching for understanding. Instead of trying to master all these challenges and figure out why me or why this or that, SEEK Jesus your true Master. The wisest of all men, Solomon, could never think his way through to PEACE. His vast understanding resulted in feelings of futility rather than FULFILLMENT. In the end, he lost his way and bowed to the will of his hundreds of wives by worshiping worthless, sinful idols! The peace that Jesus offers is not an elusive goal hidden away in some complicated maze.
You are always enveloped in in PEACE, when you are focused on Jesus. As you look to Jesus, you gain awareness of a peace that transcends all understanding.
My Takeaway,
I look to inspirational people that have been on the hearts of F3 Swamp Rabbit over the past months and find peace and inspiration.
Josiah Jennings, a high school kid who has cancer seems to have found peace with the support of his family and the hundreds of people praying for him. He is not complaining about the hand that God dealt him having cancer as a teenager. Josiah and his family are building an incredible testimony to share to others and Glorify God by being courageous and not feeling sorry for himself. What most of this world sees as awful cancer, Josiah and family have turned over to God and seeked Peace through what most of the world would see as debilitating circumstances. Josiah Has inspired me and many others. Tclaps to Josiah and family.
The same thing goes top Erector and Spicoli. I have not seen a blink of worry and torment in the eyes of Erector over the last couple of months. I see PEACE and confidence in Jesus. I have not heard one complaint or any tribulation from him, not that there is anything wrong with feelings of uncertainty and worry, but these men have worked through all of that and found peace. They are all inspiration to me. I look at my difficult circumstances and find true strength from these guys. I thank all of F3Nation for the brotherly love and hard work that bring us closer together and inspire us to be authentic, to do hard things, grow this model that honors God into a nation of men seeking God’s will and leaning on each other.
Proverbs 12:27 As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.
Thank you F3 for inspiring me every week and giving me an opportunity to push myself to my limits and gain peace and love through my brothers in Christ!

Warm up
25 IW IC
Mosey one lap
25 High Karate Sushi Kicks IC each leg one at a time
25 Sushi Punches from power position IC
Mosey lap
25 Putan (Ukrainian) Twists IC
25 Murdock (rockin) sit ups IC

The Thang:
Indian run to the track.
Recover at the bleachers
Partner up:
100 derkins
200 step ups: modified to 100 step ups and 100 dips
300 Flutter kicks
All OYO, while other partner sprinted about 100 yards and back
Those who finished early, started over with 100 derkins
This seemed to smoke the Pax and we were running out of time,
so moseyed to road and Indian ran back to COT, with a jailbreak at the entrance of school.

Tclaps to Sushi, he was on fire like always. Fertile- I would not want this guy chasing me at Zero dark thirty with a bag of weed in my back pocket. He can fly when he turns on the jets on that Indian run. Tad pole worked hard knocking out step ups and flutters. He is building his base so he can knock a double down at Legacy and upgrade to a Frogman! Keep working hard brother. Chopsticks was pushing hard on his second post. It gets easier every time keep it up. Captain Plug, I admire your work ethic. I know you were pushing hard and left it all in Golden Strip Arena. I love you guys and the hard work that you bring every work out!!!!!

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