(going to) Failure is an Option

  • Workout Date - 08/07/2014
  • Q In Charge - Inspector Gadget
  • The PAX - Twerkin', Stewie, Bam Bam, Blue Screen, Latka, Ryan Johnston - FNG (Underdog), Epee, Zorro, Brown Shorts, Graceland, Malpractice, Double Windsor, Hootie, Sponge Bob, Maverick, Hemingway, Inspector Gadget (YHC)
  • AO -



IW   IC 20

Flutters  IC 20

LBCs IC 20

7 Count by the QIC while everyone shakes hands with two others in the PAX.

The Thang:  

Mosey to the Wyche Pavilion.

Count off into groups of 4.  Each group created an inward facing circle.  Each group completes 500 cumulative Merkins. As one person is doing Merkins to failure, the others keep count and plank. The four man cycle repeats as necessary until group hits 500. YHC was the odd man out, so I joined each group and completed sets for each group.  Once a group finished their 500, they did LBCs until the PAX finished.

Mosey to Liberty Bridge via Falls Street/Camperdown Way. Plank while waiting on the PAX to arrive at LIberty Bridge.

Pay the Toll: 20 high knee jumps OYO

After paying the toll, Partner Carry to first 1st Bridge Support.  Both partners Mosey to the 2nd support. Partners flapjack and complete the walk to the end of the bridge.  Plank and wait on the PAX.

Air Humpers  IC 20  #crowdpleaser #Spongebobpatentpending

People’s Chair at Spill the Beans patio: 1 minute, recover for 30 secs then repeat

Sumo Squats IC 20

Mosey back to Main Street, then jailbreak when reaching the Reedy River Bridge.



Russian Twist IC  20


Heals to Heaven 20

Naked Moleskin:

FNG: Ryan Johnston, Journalist with Upstate Business Journal – Underdog


Greer launch on Saturday 8/9 at 7:00 am in City Park.  Legacy and Powder Keg will still meet at their regular time/place for those that can’t converge on Greer.

Michelin 5 K on 8/16.  This will be a challenge event between Ring of Fire and Beastside.

2nd F at Chipotle on Woodruff at 11:45


Pebbles experiencing back problems. Walker Phillips, Erector, Spicoli, Snowden’s parents are having health issues.

QIC dedicated his VQ to all the QICs that proceeded him, during his 70 days of F3 Brotherhood.  YHC wishes to thank Sponge Bob for timekeeping duties. It was an honor to lead the F3 brothers this morning. I hope the PAX liked the ‘go to failure’ aspect of the Merkin routine.  It can be a challenging break from predetermined counts.

See you in the Gloom.



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