Going out with a bang (and a torn rotator cuff)

  • Workout Date - 01/25/2016
  • Q In Charge - Seal
  • The PAX - Hook and Ladder, Tiny Dancer, Padre (west), Carl's Jr, Quaker, Taylor Swift, Keystone, Youkilis, Flow-rider, Gauge, Red Wire, Home Alone (Kotters), (Jared Lieston-FNG)-Double Bogey, (Tanner Leiston-FNG)- Atari, Gluten, Stem Cell, Inspector Gadget, Boomhauer, Slug, 12th man, Whoopee, Brown Shorts, Quickie, Tea Bag, and YHC.
  • AO -

Warnings were put out via the “Twittah” the night before an unholy smokefest was poured onto the PAX of Powderkeg. Did they listen? Heck, there were also signs going into the driveway of the AO telling all to turn back. Yet, they came in droves to be part of what was promised to be a #downpainment to remember. 25 of them, to be exact. A final “Hoorah” for a 6 month hiatus on YHC being able to post or Q. Yes, it turns out that Seal is not invincible. The shoulder has been a nemesis for many years. F3 finished it off (actually, YHC’s stubbornness did it in #refusetomodify). So as promised, YHC gave the PAX a going away present. Bragging rights. They survived a particularly brutal #bicepburner and #Ladderofsuck.

Gloom observations: Youkilis is first to show. Could not wait to get punished. I think this guy is really twisted! Whoopee ain’t far behind. Tiny Dancer starts the #mumblechatter before the opening exercise. YHC designates him as his workout buddy. #sandbagging. Might be a permanent position for him, upon my return. H&L promised to heckle relentlessly. I think he went easy on YHC. #3rdshiftkilledhim. Brown Shorts came in a little later than usual. #draggingass. He later proved that he had been holding back. Delighted to see Quickie. This guy is all F3. Got a sick baby at home and just got out of the hospital. Yet he finds a way to post. #Impressed . Boomhauer and those damn tights #nuggets. Had a few PAX come in on two wheels. We wait for no one.

Warm up:

Disclaimer for FNGs

Mountain Climber x25 in cadence

Monkey Humpers x25 in cadence (that was just for the new guys)

Mosey to the soggy/icy yard. Merkins x25 in cadence

Superman, Ironman, and WonderWoman (spread you legs)

The thang that stang:

Double applesauce Indian run around AO and down to entrance drive.

Jacob’s Ladder – climb up to 7 burpees at the top of hill, then back down (audible when YHC hit 7 and realized we were burning too much time). Stem Cell has really been pushing YHC recently in damn near every exercise. I set a mean stride on hill climb number 7, and this guy is pacing me. #Beastmode . Double Apple sauce Indian run back to SF.

Grab a block. What luck! I brought exactly 25 full sized 8x8x12″ cement blocks. Frozen too! Block-o-rama to the extreme!

44 guns! – 11 bottom half range, 11 top half range, 11 full range, 11 tricep extension. Rinse and repeat x3! But let’s make it more interesting. 11 (or 10) Mericans in cadence, between each set. Pretty sure YHC was the only one lifting at the end. However, Quaker and Keystone were convincingly right in cadence with me whenever I spun around. Did they get in all the reps? #fessup . Tiny Dancer spouts off. #nosurprise . YHC gets a little one-on-one time with the #instigator. And then discovers he doesn’t like tricep extensions. #foundhisweaksauce

5 Minutes of Mary: 

LBC x25 in Cadence

Enough of that crap. YHC wanted arms falling off the PAX. Pick your blocks back up. Full range curls till buzzer. PAX misinform Q of the 6:15 deadline being reached. Tea Bag pointed out that YHC can’t look at his watch while doing block curls. True. But YHC had an alarm set. Should have trusted it. We actually had 55 seconds remaining. Tricep extensions as punishment for misrepresenting the official time. Time is now OFFICIALLY up.


Announcements: Drifter 6k – discount code is F3

Hero’s 5k this weekend at Furman

Clemson launch – Feb 13

Fayetteville and Seattle – March 12th

SOS is going ruck-friendly – ON TUESDAYS!

Friday running LSD at Powderkeg

Prayers: Quickie’s 2.0 continued prayers

Gluten’s mom and work

YHC’s surgery

Stem Cell’s uncle

Home Alone’s ministry efforts

Runner struck by vehicle in Greenville – be aware fellow runners

Alright you pathetic S.O.B.’s! I’m going to be riding your ass for the next 6 months from the comfort of my truck while you guys pretend to be “working out”. Don’t worry. I’ll keep it “PG-13” rated for the kiddies. And you’ll get your chance to pay me back soon enough. SYITG



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