Go The Distance

  • Workout Date - 12/01/2017
  • Q In Charge - Generic
  • The PAX - Soda, Thunderbird, Honkers, Anchor Down, Yeager Bomb, Hacksaw, Spackler
  • AO - Dog Pound

Warm up:
25 SSH IC, 15 Mountain Climbers IC, 21 Don Quixotes IC

The Thang:
Line up for Scout Run and proceed toward HWY 25. After all PAX play the part of a scout, stop for 10 merkins IC. Rinse and repeat.

Line up for Indian Run. After one cycle, stop for Burpees.

I don’t recall the order of the rest of the workout, but we did a mix of Scout Runs and Indian Runs with each cycle marked by either merkins, burpees, or shoulder taps until we had completed ±2 miles.

Used the bike racks in front of Tandem for 5 supine pull ups IC.

Mosey to Sunrift: Grab a piece of the tall wall for 10 man ups OYO to People’s Chair and hold after everyone is in position. 20 man ups OYO to People’s Chair and hold. 30 man ups OYO to People’s Chair.

Find a piece of the short wall for 10 dips IC. To stairs for 15 regular calf raises IC. Straight back to short wall for 10 dips IC. Stairs for 15 pigeon toed calf raises IC. Short wall for 10 dips IC. Stairs for 15 crow footed calf raises IC.

Mosey to AO for brief Mary: 20 LBC IC, 20 Flutter Kicks IC.

Circle of Trust:
Lunch today @ Stax Omega at noon, F3 Christmas Party 12/21, Christmas Party at Trailblazer Park tonight.

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