GO!!!… SLOW!!!….

  • Workout Date - 12/17/2014
  • Q In Charge - LongBottom
  • The PAX - Amelia, Mr. Kotter, Mr. Head, Earthmover, Blue Hawaii, 00, Oui Oui, Holla, Longbottom
  • AO -

9 pax ventured out into the winter gloom to find out what horrors awaited them at this addition of the #BeastSide.  Slim’s and YHC’s “cryptic tweets” got some attention!  Maybe we just need to add to the suspense to get you out of the fartsack!  Read Sponge’s post calling out the pax to post in the winter gloom,  we want to be mutants!!!!  This work out was proposed by Slim as a suggestion from his boss.  Slim, you work for a sadist!  Any openings?

1 mile mosey to warm up.  Because you will need it.

The Thang

It is simple.

1 minute fast pace (approx. 30 to 60 seconds slower than your mile time trial)

1 minute slow

go for 20 intervals (I had us at 21)

Cool down run and stretch.


This is a keeper.  I got a couple of evil stares and some shouts, ” this sucked!!” That is what I like to hear.    It is even better when the Q (YHC) loses count.  I was told we actually did 22 intervals, the pax don’t like the unexpected.  It got hard to yell out Go and Slow so many times.

We covered more mileage than usual ~6.5.

It was nice to have Blue Hawaii out for his inaugural Beastside (he chose a good time to start).  Also, a past Beastside regular EM was coxed out of the fartsack on twitter,  next we will target Bartman.  

Announcements:  Sign up for the Drifter 6K, this is what we run circles for!  Christmas eve convergence run at Tommy’s Ham house see Flay’s pre-blast.  I did this last year and was a great 2nd F with a little 1st F thrown in.  We will skip Beastside next week for the convergence run.

Prayers:  All pax and M’s expecting their 2.0’s.  All unspoken prayers and concerns.

As always it was an honor and privilege to lead and follow you.  Till next time in the gloom, sooner rather than later

LB- Out

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