Go!!! Recover!!! Like bad 80's song stuck in your head!!

  • Workout Date - 06/24/2015
  • Q In Charge - Longbottom
  • The PAX - 00, Wilson, Blades, Mr. Kotter, John Bullock FNG (mater), Dirty Myrtle, Trumpet, Perry Mason, NSA, Golden, Houdini, Amelia, Holla, Nathan Aurora FNG (Lavar Burton- Lavar for short), QIC- Longbottom
  • AO -

15 got after it this morning for the revival of the 2:1:30 workout that was a mainstay for #Beastside last summer.  I recommend all pax look up past workouts, there are always oldies but goodies that need to be remembered!  Like a bad 80’s tune.  More about that latter.


Indian run for 3 laps. 4th lap was a mosey.

Stretch as YHC lays out the plan!

2:1:30 x 6

2 minutes at r-pace; 1 minute active recovery (walk or mosey)

1 minute at r-pace; 30 seconds active recovery

30 sec. ar r-pace; 30 seconds active recovery

roll into next interval of 2:1:30.

2 lap mosey to recover

Stretching for last 5 minutes with on set of diamond merkins x 10 IC


Lots of mumble chatter on the final two recovery laps and in COT.  The pax really hated this, which means it is a keeper.  YHC yelled out Go!! on the r-pace intervals and recover!! on the recovery intervals.  This made it as much a mental challenge as physical.  I hope the pax will have my calls echoing in their heads like a bad 80’s tune that you can not shake!  YHC just had this experience on vacation with a song from Berlin, “No more words”.  This is pure 80’s horrible.  I had the chorus stuck in my noggin for several days, I even began singing it under my breathe much to the displeasure of my M.  I had to look up why this song had some relevance to me?  Google solve the puzzle- the movie “Vision Quest”.  Pure adolescent male coming of age 80’s movie! puzzle solved!  enough of that.


Prayers for YHC’s dad as he recovers for heart surgery.  Prayers for all unspoken troubles.

As alway it is an honor to lead and follow!


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