• Workout Date - 11/28/2015
  • Q In Charge - Gluten
  • The PAX - Brown Shorts, Quaker, Danielle Steele WB, Mr. Burns, and YHC, Gluten WD
  • AO -

F3 PowderKeg Welcome & Disclaimer:                                     11/28/15

GOOD MORNING! I’m Gluten and we’re ALL F3 veterans today, so you know that you are posting at a FREE peer-led boot camp style work out of F3NATION. You also know I’m not a professional and that none of us are liable for what happens to you TODAY. So, you already know to MODIFY as necessary. I really don’t want you to get hurt on my BDQ. That might be a bit embarrassing for you to realize a 55 year-old grandfather was somehow indirectly responsible for you hurting yourself. You likely recall I’m a Registered Dietitian… in health care foodservice at a psychiatric facility. That may help to explain a little madness to my method this morning for our little warm-up… or NOT! So, let’s get to it!

I.  The “TRIBUTE” Warm Up: …think of it as another one of Gluten’s combination of numbers related to the SPECIAL 1 year anniversary DAY it is and how many F’s explain why we are here! I know you can figure this out. This is just so much fun. Hope you enjoy.

03 X Burpees                         SP        M         OYO    E…       H         Recover

35 X SSH                                SP        M         IC        E…       H

17 X Mountain Climbers         SP        M         IC        E…       H         Recover

55       TOTAL REPS

WOW, that was a bit tougher for you than I thought it would be. Fitness, Fellowship and Faith are the THREE [3] Burpees, OYO (on your own) and the TIGERS had a SCORE to settle after FIVE years… Remember? Okay, we scored thirty-five [35] points and they managed seventeen [17] and when you add it all up? FIFTY-FIVE! [Gluten is NOT 54 anymore.]


I have been thinking about this one for a while… I wanted TIRES to be part of my BDQ well before the Thanksgiving Convergence at The Keg, so you can imagine how I felt that Monday morning before Thanksgiving when we thought someone had stolen the TIRES from The PowderKeg. Thankful we found the tires down in the woods on the trail. Why would anyone want to steal old tires? We all know what their good for… COUPONS! Also, I’ve actually grown fond of the blocks we have here at The Keg. MIX in a little Joe Hendrix with a BLIMP Circuit for a timer and…. Gluten’s got the makings for a multi-station workout we won’t soon forget. In my mind, we could easily handle up to 20, maybe 24 PAX. That many on Saturday would be unusual. My concern would be if we had too few or an ODD number of PAX. What happened? Here’s what went down:

1. BLIMP CIRCUIT (the timer)

Burpees X7, OYO – Corner #1; run to next corner

  1. Lunges X12, OYO – Corner #2; run to next corner
  2. Imperial Walkers X12, OYO – Corner #3; run to next corner
  3. Mericans X12, OYO – Corner #4; run to next corner
  4. Plan Jacks X12, OYO – Corner #1 Circuit TIMER ends. Move to NEXT station to replace your F3 Brother, creating the Domino Effect sending him to the NEXT station. Add those reps up in the timer, it equals 55.


  • Station Starter flips tire X5, and run to far curb of lot and back to tire & continue
  • Flip X5, and so on…
  • Move to NEXT station once your replacement PAX relieves you.

3. BLOCKS (Indian Run)

  • Station Starter un-stack column, 1 block at a time and place in parking space in the lot…
  • Return to column, grab next block and place in next consecutive parking space…
  • Continue until all five [5] blocks have been placed, then…
  • Go grab 1st block from rear position and move to front (next parking space)…
  • Continue BLOCK Indian Run toward far end of lot…
  • Move to NEXT station once your replacement PAX relieves you.


  • Backward bear crawl up steps
  • Karaoke to next steps
  • Backward bear crawl up steps
  • Karaoke to next steps
  • Rinse & Repeat…
  • Move to NEXT station once your replacement PAX relieves you.

5. People’s Chair

  • Look it up under exercises (lot of thigh burn)
  • Move to NEXT station once your replacement PAX relieves you.
  • Continue until Call for Jailbreak to Shovel Flag, then…

III.       6 MOM

  • 15 X Heels2Heaven, IC
  • 15 X Dollies, IC
  • 15 X Rosalita’s, IC
  • 15 X Pretzel Crunch R elbow to L knee, IC
  • 15 X Pretzel Crunch L elbow to R knee, IC
  • 15 X Leg flutters, IC
  • 15 X LBC’s, IC until 8am (Okay, so it was 8:02.)


Great work on the 28th day of 11th month by 5 PAX: Brown Shorts, Quaker, Danielle Steele-WB, Mr. Burns and Gluten-WD. Announcements – Christmas gathering for F3 Brothers and their M’s – look for details on Twitter. Prayer requests: Need for community by all the F3 Brothers; Families mentioned by Brown Shorts for variety of reasons as we experience the holidays. After closing out in prayer by Gluten, some 2nd F was experienced at a local CFA coffeteria. As always, it was an honor to struggle together in the PowderKeg gloom with other F3 brothers striving to strengthen our fitness, fellowship and faith in a way that glorifies GOD!

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