Gluten Free Sandbags for Breakfast

  • Workout Date - 06/13/2016
  • Q In Charge - Thumper
  • The PAX - Mint Julep, ATM, Whisper, HulkSmash, LiteBrite, Officer Poncharello, Sammy, Dr. Phil, Bambi, My Little Brony, LookOutBelow, 3rdBase
  • AO -

13 PAX punched the fartsack right in the face, kicked it in the nards, insulted it’s relatives, open hand slapped it in the face and showed up at pitchfork for ……..something besides burpees!    PF is still getting used to the fact that there are 12, shiny ~45 lb sandbags in behind the storage building.    Thought it was time to break out a nice reminder to all the pitchforkers.   YHC was determined to make this an eso (equal suck opportunity) for both those with and without rucks.   I hope it worked out that way…I was suffering from smoked q syndrome by the end.

Enough with the chit chat.


SSH x 20IC

IW x 20IC

Dancing Bears x 20IC

Mosey to grab sandbags, mosey to Chigger mountain.

Thang 1:


Merkins at the bottom

Hustle backwards up Chigger Mountain, sandbags in tow

Squats at the top

Cobains for being and sandbag short of a full house, and TClaps to Sammy and ATM for improvising on the fly.

Thang 2.

Over the playground for a hamster wheel. Drop sandbags on opposite side of the chinup bars….

2 x chin-ups, run to opposite side, 2 x squat press with sandbag.

10 laps of that foolishness.

Sandbags slow people down….myself included…out of time, back to the flags.


Estomago loco:

7 flutters arms up

8 hammers

7 flutters arms behind

8 hammers

7 flutters reg’lar

8 hammers

7 bbsu’s

8 hammers



Announcements:   PF convergence 25Jun, if you’re not there than you lack all qualities associated with manliness.   Pacer Sparty time team.  Inquire with 3B.

Pray for:  Friends, families, communities, and the nation dealing with the tragedy in Orlando.   What a mess of a world we live in.   Families with 2.2 and 2.3 on the way, John Denver and Ponch respectively.    Marriages in and out of the F3 brotherhood.

Welcomed FNG, now My Little Brony.   Arguably the best name in Pitchfork, Swamprabbit, and perhaps even F3 nation history.

This name was not bestowed without consternation, it had to be given to someone with an exceptional probability of coming back, time after time after time.    He’s a friend of Mint Julep, and the way that Mint Julep shows up, I think we have made the right move here, and welcome My Little Brony.

Honor to have lead you bunch of weirdos,











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