Gideon's House

  • Workout Date - 09/23/2023
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Over the past few weeks, several F3 men have come together to get an idea that had been shelved for some time now up and running again.  There is a model that has been successfully built in other regions.  Charlotte, Raleigh, and Columbia have partnered with a local organization that assists men struggling with addiction.  Columbia’s @Robber has built an incredible success story with Oliver Gospel Mission.  He brought an AO to the grounds of Oliver Gospel Mission (The Mission) that simply starts as any other planted AO starts.  Participation within the program began to build and eventually this has become one of the more popular AOs in the Midlands.  The PAX there have taken ownership of this AO and become empowered with their 45 minutes each week.  The success rate of this program is now 17%.  This may not sound great, but it’s double the average success rate.  8 PAX from this program will be competing in the F3 Mud Run.  This has proved to be an outlet for these men; a chance to get away from the struggle at hand for a short period of time every week.

Enter Gideon’s House.  Thanks to @Caviar and his connection to Steve, the leader of this program, we were able to sit down with him and really discuss the spirit of what we want to accomplish.  This program is a part of Homes of Hope, located here in Greenville.  The men in this program have already graduated from a Christ-centered rehab program.  These men are on their second step.  A maximum of eight men live in Gideon’s House at one time.  They will stay there one year.  During that year, they will gain construction-related skills by assisting Homes of Hope in building houses for the less-advantaged in the community.   At the end of the program, these men will be equipped to enter the community and succeed.

 The mission of F3 Foundation is to leverage the men of F3 Nation to develop and strengthen male leadership in our communities.

Our missions align well, guys.  Our mission with this new AO is to equip these men even further and guarantee success outside the sweet digs (Note: Seriously, we should invite ourselves over for a Super Bowl party…. there’s enough reclining leather and plasma to make any man jealous) of Gideon’s House.  So, the work here is simple.  We do what we always do.  This AO is no different from any other.  So every once in awhile, bring your down painment to 610 Pendleton Street and make a point to lay your hand on a new brother who’s only difference is the light shining on his issue is a little brighter.  We all struggle.  Some struggles are larger than others.  However, in the gloom, we are all the same.  Let’s offer the strength of our F3 community to the brothers who need it most.

Kickoff is September 30th at 5:30am.  I will be there every Wednesday morning (same time) from then on.

Once this AO is listed on the Q schedule, let’s fill that bad boy up with some energetic Qs ready to bring their A game.  @Zoila has offered to converge ACES Wild for a Q or two.  I encourage other AOs to do the same and show these guys we all care about the growth of this mission.  My only request is I get first Q (nowhere to go but up from there).  After that, I’ll enjoy the ride in the background every Wednesday, filling in gaps when needed.

Guys, I’m giddy about Gideon.  I hope you share in my passion and come support the newest Swamp Rabbit AO.  Thanks to all the men not mentioned in this post but contributed along the way.  We have a date.  We have a time.  We have a location.  We have their blessing.  We have a mission.  Let’s make it happen.


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  1. Man- this is awesome! I can’t wait to Q out there and support this new AO. What a great way to bring the mission of F3 to life in an incredibly tangible way. This is what we are called to do. Thanks for all your effort to make this happen.

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