Ghosts of Labor Day Past

  • Workout Date - 09/05/2015
  • Q In Charge - Affordable Care Act
  • The PAX - ATM, Bambi, Hooch, Whisper, Floppy Disc, Thumper, Church Lady, Ponch, Hot Wire, Tedediah, Affordable Care Act (YHC)
  • AO -

I was feeling about as good as I could feel going into my first Weinke-less Q until Bambi gave word that there would be two tractor tires at my disposal the night before.  Audible!

11 PAX decided to take their barbecue plans and put them on the shelf as they figured out they couldn’t even go to the new Fresh Market meat counter at 6:00AM anyway!  Today’s action will serve as a warm-up for next Saturday’s birthday bash as I will unleash a 39th birthday Q tougher than Padre’s and Padre’s was memorable.  Did I say memorable?  I meant miserable.

Conditions:  64 degrees.  Smells like Football.

Warm Up:
25 SSH IC (Really didn’t want a standard warm up, but there were carlights still emerging at 6:01)
Mosey to track to release the brick coupons and tire coupons, to the woods to retrieve the rock coupons, and back to the basketball court.

The Main Thang:

  • 17s on the basketball court.  If we don’t make it in 65 seconds, we do it again.
  • We didn’t make it.  Run it again.
  • To the track to start our menage a trois.  Group 1 has Block Webbs with brick coupons.  Group 2 has to flip that tire 50 yards.  Group 3 has Dan Taylors with rock coupons.

Note:  YHC was completely oblivious that while his group was on the other side of the track, a new other-end-of-the-spectrum type of Breakfast Club came strolling up to check out the Pitchfork AO.  By the time I came back, @ATM was doing Jack Webbs by himself while the others moonlighted as parking lot security.  Obviously, these kids’ night was just winding down as our day was beginning.

  • Back to the basketball court for another round of 17s.  New goal: 80 seconds.  Nailed it.

Note:  The jock from the Breakfast Club joined us for I’d say 5 of the 17s (he doesn’t know it, but his F3 name is Emilio).  At first, the Grumpy Old Man in me wondered where their parents were.  Then I thought about some nights in my late teens and decided to climb off my high horse.

  • Off to the playground where half of us did 30 swerkins while the other half did pull-ups.
  • Switcheroo.
  • Mosey to the basketball court for another round of 17s.  New goal:  75 seconds.  Barely.
  • Head back out to the track for a little partner wheelbarrows.  50 yards each.
  • I smelled mutiny on the broken wheelbarrows back, so I just asked the PAX to help me put the rocks back in their hiding place.
  • Mosey back to the basketball court for another 17!  New goal:  Don’t die.

25 LBCs
15 Flutters
25 Freddy Mercurys


Prayers of healing go out to Beth, Cortney, Leslie, and Lydia.


Please come out to celebrate my 39th this Saturday at the Pitchfork.  Should be a good one.

Affordable Care Act

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