Ghost Flag takeaway

  • Workout Date - 12/08/2014
  • Q In Charge - Brown Shorts
  • The PAX - Boomhauer, Overdraft, Swift, Crunchy, Iceman, Gutshot, Youkilis, Hook&Ladder, Keystone, Domer Simpson, Seal, Inspector Gadget, Aunt Jemima, Reese's Pieces, Gluten, Rainman, Brown Shorts
  • AO -

I rounded the corner of the parking lot to see a good crowd already waiting. More cars would come to give us 17. We planted our PowderKeg flag and the Ghost Flag. As I looked around I was informed that Anderson had come for the Ghost Flag. OK, but you’re gonna earn it.

Iceman had agreed to help with a Q school for new PAX and a refresher for the vets. I would take the remainder for loops around the church.

Warm Up: SSHX25, IWX20, HillibiliesX20, MerkinsX10

The wind was at our 12 as we looped around the church and back to first level. Circle up. Right stagger Merkin x 10, left x 10, Dollies x 20, Rosalita x 20

Mosey around church and back to second level. 6 inches, boxcutter x 10, reverse BC x 10. Joe Hendrix up the steps. Chillcuts to wait.

Mosey around church down to third level. LBC x 20, reverse crunch x 20, flutter x 20

At this time the school PAX would join back with us. Iceman informed us that a flag had fallen. 13 burpee penalty for everyone.

Joe Hendrix up the stairs, lunge walk to next set, Joe Hendrix stairs. Iceman would lead in some plank work while we wait on the PAX. Circle up. Werkins x 10 IC.

Mosey around the church and back to the shovel flag for Mary.

The students would get more cadence practice and choose their own exercises. There were dying cockroaches, SSH, LBCs, Rosalitas, and others I can’t remember. Iceman introduced us to the single leg flutter and some slow count Dollies.

P & A

Continue to pray for Inspector Gadget’s family. Prayers for all the students preparing for exams. Anderson looking into a mission at The Farm of Haven Rest to have a Monday workout for these men. Hook&Ladder has put out a challenge and it has been accepted by a few already to do 10,000 pushups in the month a January.

Thanks to everyone for the hard work today. Thanks to Iceman for lead the Q school. See you in the GLOOM!!!



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