Ghetto Blaster Block Party

  • Workout Date - 09/15/2014
  • Q In Charge - Macho Man
  • The PAX - Mab Mab, 1Direction, Deuce, Fertile, Pebbles, Little Red Riding Hood(FNG), Sponge Bob, Donut, Big V, Macho Man
  • AO -

10 F3 faithful made it out of the fartsack to run around town with the boombox on their shoulder for a 5 lap circuit of suck!

Warm up




The Thang

Mosey over to the 100 block of N Main St. for a little instruction. Pair off in twos for 5 laps of 4corners. Each pair grabs a concrete block ( here on out to be referred to as “ghetto blaster”, thanks Sponge Bob).YHC offered the option to partner carry or boombox style carry ghetto blaster around town but I was impressed to see each team member carried it solo each turn!  Carry ghetto blaster to each corner for a little block party.

Lap 1 was kettlebell swingsx10, double count jump lugesx10,squat with block overheadx10,sumo squat x10

Lap 2 decline merkins x10, werkins x10, decline shoulder taps x10, T-merkinsx10

Lap 3 ski jumps over ghetto blaster x 10, jump squats x10, curls x10, pike push ups x10

Lap 4 overhead tricep extensions x10,diamond merkins x10, dips x10, monkey humpers x10

lap 5 sit ups with ghetto blaster on chest x10(crowd pleaser), erectors x30, manmakers x10, crab rollx10

Pax worked hard this morning so there was still time left. Mosey over to #wonderboy wall for a 2 minute peoples chair followed by walking balls to the wall. Plank up until everyone is finished. Mosey back to the tower for Mary


Dead cockroach x 25

LBC x25

Flutters x25



Prayers for an aunt starting chemo

prayers for Josiah

Prayers for my dad, struggling with late stages of Parkinson’s disease and dementia.Prayers  for my mom who is his caregiver and has been by his side for the last 17 years since his diagnosis.

Tower of Terror is an awesome AO, get out here.

Glad to have FNG Wolf……that’s his real name. That’s way to cool so he is in now little red riding hood! Welcome!

That’s it, as always, it’s a pleasure to lead this group around.

1 thought on “Ghetto Blaster Block Party”

  1. Very glad I could contribute the name.

    Love the new AO! It’s going to be a great addition and I imagine it will have a ton of success.

    More importantly, GREAT Q. FNG LRRH was even mentioning how well prepared it was. Ghetto Blasters, Weinke’s with glow sticks…and a fantastic beard.

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