Getting back to stairs

  • Workout Date - 10/03/2023
  • Q In Charge - Spongebob
  • The PAX - Caliendo, Double Windsor, Stewie, Weeman, Dollywood, Highlights
  • AO -

Only 7 denied #clemsacking (credit the term to Sushi) after the #natty and made it to the Main Thang for a defrosting stair climb.

Warm Up
SSH X 20
IW X 20
Big arm circles X 5 to the front and 5 to the back

Mosey to the Westin Parking garage, picking up Wee-man on the way

The Thang
Big Boy Situps X 10 at the bottom
Run to first level
Superman Merkins X 5
Run back down for Big Boy situps X 10
Run to the 2nd level
Superman Merkins X 10
Run back down for BBSU X 10
…you get it…all the way to the top for superman merkins X 25

Plank-o-rama while others finish

Not a lot of talking going on, which means everyone must be bored.

RINSE AND REPEAT with Jump Squats
– A lot of smiles upon the announcement of doing it again #problemsolved

Core work while others finish

Mosey to Peace Center Amphiteater
Derkins X 10
Squats X 10
Hold Squat position on the 10th while all finish

Close out the shoulders with:
Joe Hendrix up the stairs

Box openers X 10
Reverse direction X 10
Flutter X 10
LBCs X 10

Naked Moleskin
– Prayers for family who’s daughters go to school with Caliendo’s kids. ¬†Father had a massive heart attack and passed away
– Drifter 2/6
– Convergence 1/23
– Good efforts boys

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