• Workout Date - 08/18/2014
  • Q In Charge - Earthmover
  • The PAX - Holla, Snowden, Saan Diago, Sherpa, Erector, Tax Evasion, Joe Dirt, Oui Oui, Double Ought, Amelia, FNG Fix a Flat , Mrs Doubtfire, FNG Professor Plum, Zip It, Golden Sombrero, Earthmover
  • AO -

17 PAX including 2 FNGs got movin on a beautiful Monday at ‘theBurbs. YHC was still sore from lower body workout Saturday at TheStation so I made other plans….

Mosey around the backside of MRPC over to Golden’s Green. Much mumblechatter about the 8 inch high grass

15 each side LBAC IC
46 IW IC (thanks to Snowden!)
10 Merkins IC

The Thang:
Mosey back down the hill to the traditional Dora starting point. Heard one of the Pax explaining what we were going to do….only that wasn’t it. Partner up and grab a cinder block for some EM fun!

Round 1: Partner 1 does 20 overhead presses while Partner 2 does 20 merkins. Change up and rinse and repeat so you get 2 sets of presses (and 40 merkins)
Round 2: Partner 1 does 20 curls while Partner 2 does 20 werkins. Change up and rinse and repeat so you get 2 sets of curls (and 40 werkins)
Round 3: Partner 1 does incline merkins on cinder block while Partner 2 does SSH. Change up and rinse and repeat so you get 2 sets of merkins
Round 4: Partner 1 does overhead carry of cinder block up the hill and around the median while Partner 2 does LBCs.

Mosey to wall at church for 3 rounds of peoples chair. Round 1 regular, Round 2 arms out, Round 3 air presses

Mosey over to bottom of steep hill for 7’s with burpees at bottom and jump squats at top. Burpees felt good with shoulders smoked!

WWII sit ups
Erectors (AKA air humpers)


Welcome to our FNGs-it doesn’t get easier you get better!

Announcements- Eastside blowing up – The Gate, Graceland and Greer – continue to support!
Mudrun (Flay)
Need Q’s for the Burbs – time to step up and take the plunge if you’ve never done it. It’s a lot of fun and very rewarding!
Sherpa’s last post is Thursday before heading off to Nepal. If you’re close come by Main Thang to wish him well! I’m sure we’ll see F3 Nepal launching in the near future.

Prayer Requests:
Parents, students and teachers this week
Parents who’ve recently sent their oldest daughter to college (Earthmover)

Until next time!


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