Get your ASphalt in gear, with a beatdown!

  • Workout Date - 09/11/2014
  • Q In Charge - Inspector Gadget
  • The PAX - Pedialyte, Malpractice, Grit, Bubba Gump, Stewie, Zorro, Goggles, Samsonite, Wonder Cat, Highlights, Inspector Gadget
  • AO -

The Main Thang PAXs had to contend with street closures at the AO.  A crew of workers were doing some asphalt work at the Main and Broad intersection.  No parking 5 seconds from the shovel flag today.  While the workers were earning a paycheck, the PAX made a downPAINment.

The 5:30 PAX was informed that since they fartsacked an additional 15 minutes, they would be led by one of Greenville’s ‘Dim and Dumbest’ instead of one of Greenville’s ‘Best and Brightest’. I guess they thought Dim and Dumb would be easier.  Judging by the lack of mubblechatter, I think they were proven wrong!!


Mountain Climbers IC 20

Lounges IC 20 single count


The Thang:

Mosey the long way to Falls Park [behind P.C. to amphitheater, then cross bridge and go underneath Liberty Bridge]

10 Pull-ups.  Substitute Burpees for remaining count beyond your failure point.  Run up to Terrace in front of the French restaurant after finishing pull-ups.

50 Perfect Squats – fingers must touch the ground.

Run to the other end of Liberty Bridge, touch the bush surrounding the red-orange ‘art’, then return to the Main St. side.  Plank and wait on the PAX.

Merkins to failure – 2 sets apiece with partner: [each partner goes to failure, flapjack then repeat] ‘resting’ partner planks until ‘working’ partner fails. Each partner does 2 sets to failure.

15 Box jumps OYO

20 High knee jumps OYO

Plank when done

Mosey to base of hill,  Partner up for Dora.

Dora: 100 Derkins, 200 Flutter kicks (double count) 300 LBCs.  While one partner is doing the exercise the other is running up the steep hill in Falls Park. #distinctabsenceofmumblechatter #running=walking

Mosey back to Shovel Flag.  No time for MOM.



Prayers for 9/11 victims, their families and loved ones.

Prayers for those fighting Cancer, Erector, Spicolli, Josiah Jennings, Cleatus Ray (YHC’s fraternity brother).

Epee, who will likely be deploying again.


Anderson launch on 10/18

Convergence at Legacy on Saturday with Dredd/OBT as the Qs.

F3 Connects is coming up soon.

Moonshiner 5K is tomorrow, you may still have time to register.


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