Get Movin Monday

  • Workout Date - 06/09/2014
  • Q In Charge - Bartman
  • The PAX - Deco, Longbottom, Rooney, San Diego, Oui Oui (FNG), Sherpa, Johnny 5, Punkin, Holla, Hardhat, Banjo, Double 00, Snowden, Bib, Wrinkle, Alfred
  • AO -

17 for a “Get Movin” Monday at #theburbs. Funny how F3 has a way of turning negative situations or thoughts into positives. Pre-F3 or as a #SadClown I would dread Monday’s and in particular Monday morning. With F3, Monday mornings at #theburbs is one of my favorite workouts. It just gets the week started right.

First exercise is…….SmurfJacks x 10
Merkins x 10
IW x 20

Mosey towards the other side of MRC, Longbottom double back and grad Deco as he is coming in hot on 2 wheels.

The BurbianThang:
Indian Run down to the Elementary School, Deco and Longbottom join the fun.

Circle Up:
Merkins x 10
Workins x 10

Count off into 2 groups:
Group 1 pair up for Dora-
Russian Twist x 100 Double Count
Flutters x 200 Double Count
Perfect Squats x 300

Group 2-
Back to the Octa-Playground. Complete each of the below exercises in rotation within the playground:
Parallel Bar Arm Walk
Through a 15’ plastic tube
Over the Angled Monkey Bars (what is the deal with how hard these are??? Impossible!!!)
Over the mushroom caps
Across the balance beam
Pull ups x 5 (crucible training)
Over the cargo net
Across some more mushroom caps
Over a wall and down the fireman’s pole
Rinse and repeat until Group 1 has completed Dora

Upon completion flapjack (switch areas) and repeao

Indian Run back to the entrance of MRC, once to the entrance jailbreak back for Mary.

In & Outs x 15
Flutters x 22
Plank Exercises
Next exercises is er…………..Punkin informs YHC your time is up!

Naked Moleskin:
With the playground being taken down for the time being at the current AO, this is allowing us to venture off campus and explore a little. Let’s make it is point to be as creative as we can during this time.
Nice work today OuiOui! Keep coming out!
Not a lot of mumblechatter today, even with Snowden in the PAX, guys were focused on getting their weeks off to a good start!
YHC had some troubles getting the groups going.

P’ville launching 6/23 at Marathon Church. Hit up Domer and Ice with questions.
Greer looking to launch in August. We need to rally the troops and get more Greer guys out to #theburbs!
BeverlyHills launched today. 0530 from Cleveland Park
TheLionsDen tomorrow at 0530, Twerkin has the Q.
Beastside this week, Slim has the Q. 0515 at Riverside Middle Track
Anderson Launch, more to come on this.

Prayer Request and Praises:
Prayers and Praises go out to Erector. Glad to hear the surgery went well and we will be praying for you this week with the results due back on Friday.
Prayers go out to the youth at AUMC as they work through a transition of youth pastors.
Prayers for YHC as we look move, pray for guidance and direction and that we will trust.

See you all in the gloom,

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