Get Movin Monday @ #TheBurbs!

  • Workout Date - 12/08/2014
  • Q In Charge - Snowden
  • The PAX - Banjo, Floppy, Slum Lord, "the" Hard Hat
  • AO -

So 5 brave PAX decided to resist the warmth of the #fartsack and head out to a frosty/windy gloom at #TheGate.  YHC was pinged on twitter about there not being a Q, so, heck why not take it.  Banjo pulled into the parking lot, got out of his truck and said, “Crap, I don’t need to see YOU at 5:30am.  Why are you here?”  Cause I got the Q fools, so PUT A SMILE ON YO FACE and let’s Get Movin!!

Warm Up:


Merkins X 9 IC #lostcount do one more that makes 10

IW X 10 IC

That Gate Thang:

Mosey to the baseball field for the Baseball Beast Ladder!  Starting at home plate, run the Beast Ladder with Right field foul pole, Center field and Left field foul pole as makers, back to home and repeat back around.

Round 1: Merkins X 10

Round 2: Werkins X 10, Squats X 20

Round 3: Diamond Merkins X 10, Erectors X 10, Russian Twists X 30

Mosey to the brick pile and grab 2 bricks per person

Bent over Reverse Back Fly and Trap Raise Circuit:

Reverse Back Flys X 25

Reverse Back Flys X 20

Trap Raises X 15

Reverse Back Flys X 10

Trap Raises X 10

Front Trap Raises X 5

Lat Raises X 5

Front Trap Raises X 5

Back to the brick pile and trade out your bricks for cinder blocks.  Mosey to the baseball bleachers for some more work.

Derkins and Cinder Block Curls:

Rd 1: 15 each

Rd 2: 10 each

Rd 3: 5 each

Rd 4: 10 each

Rd 5: 15 each #nowwearefeelingit

Dips and Cinder Block Shoulder Presses:

Dips X 25

Cinder Block Shoulder Presses X 10

Dips X 15

Cinder Block Shoulder Presses X 10

Dips X 10

Cinder Block Shoulder Presses X 10

30 sec Cinder Block Curl holds X 2 rounds. Hold cinder block at 90 degrees curl hold.

Mosey back to pile and put up cinder blocks. Mosey back to baseball field for Mary.


Running backwards from home plate to 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd Base and back home stopping at each base for the following core work: 2 Rounds

LBC’s X 25, Flutters X 25 DC, Back Scratchers X 25, Leg Throws X 10


– Great work this am by the PAX and it is always a pleasure.  YHC’s back(butt) is still killing him and I apologize for the weak workout. Will come back for another downPAINment and bring my Thunder! 🙂

– Prayers for Banjo’s friend who passed away and his family

– Sign up for the #drifter6K you guys!!!!!!!


Snowden Out!!


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