Get Movin' Monday at the 'Burbs… I'll make it up as I go.

  • Workout Date - 06/16/2014
  • Q In Charge - Golden Sombrero
  • The PAX - 1D (AKA 1/2 D), San Diago, Tesh, Scholarship, FNG Mountain Mama (Scott Boggs), Banjo, Holla, Erector, Wrinkle, Wei-Wei, Rooney, Bibb, Hard Hat, Snowden, Double-Aught, Billy Jean, Schnauzer, Large Marge, Macho Man, Deco, Alfred, Placebo
  • AO -


Chariots of Fire

23 brothers (1FNG) got their butts out of bed to get movin on this fine Monday Morning…

Warm Up

Imperial Walker IC x 30
Flutters IC X 20
Merkins IC X 15

The Thang

Mozey to Soccer Field and Partner up for Dora 1-2-3  One man does exercise while partner runs to the end of the field (100 yards) and back.

100 Merkins
200 LBCs
300 Air Squats

Mozey to side of the field for Pain Stations… Count off to 3.

Group 1 Box Jumps until Group 3 Returns
Group 2 Dips until Group 3 returns
Group 3 Bear Crawls from sideline to sideline.  Sprint back err (Run Backwards)
Rotate until each group has done all 3.

YHC realized that the bear Crawl might have been too far and taken too long for pain stations.  Other 2 groups ran out of gas and began to mumble Chat a little too much.

This Ain’t a day at the beach boys. So….

Mozey back to Church Parking Lot

Jail break Around Church

Finish in a rear alcove that is perfect for some more Pain Stations                        

Same Groups

Group 1 – Jail Break Around Church
Group 2 – Derkins (Until Group 1 Returns)
Group 3 – The People’s Chair (Until Group 1 Returns)
Rotate until each group has done all 3.

Once again YHC might have miscalculated the pax ability to do Derkins and People’s Chair throughout a simultaneous Jail break around the church.  Too much smokin’ and jokin’.

That’s Okay…. JAIL BREAK around Church one MO time!!!.


Russian Twists IC X 30
Flutters IC X 20

Good Work Guys! Special Shout to Erector and 1D for coming out, doing what they can and Motivating the PAX.  Also, Great work Bibb.  You, especially, Got after it today.

Circle of Trust


Bible Study Starting Next Wednesday 1145 outside of Tupelo Honey
Congratulations to Go Ruck Finishers!!!
-Go Magazine going to do an article on Go Ruck in the July/August issue.
Eastside Leadership Forum (Desperate need of a new name)  Stay Tuned- most likely an evening soon.
If you haven’t already done so, Read the F3 book “Freed to Lead” by OBT and Dredd.

Prayer Request

Erector had cancerous Mole removed as well as two Lymph Nodes.  The Nodes also are cancerous.  Stage 3 Cancer. Erector will have more Nodes removed and then be going through a year of Chemo. Please remember him, his wife Missy and his family in your prayers.



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