Gather, Grow and Go

  • Workout Date - 07/29/2019
  • Q In Charge - Lt. Dangle
  • The PAX - Cockpit, Master Tonic, Whisper (R), Butterbean, Franzia, Sprinkles, CBD, Priscilla, No Show, Hot4Teacher, Thumper, Benign, Road Trip, Live PD
  • AO - Tower of Terror

13 stuck around for some fun and 3 ran off skeered. Nothing like starting the week with a quiet morning @TOT! The mumble chatter was low and the pain was true. No time to be salty lets get after it!

Mission statement: Soothed the PAX ears like Leo Sayer singing You Make Me Feel Like Dancing!

Disclaimer: Do the work or complain to Butterbean!

Warm up:

SSH x 30

IW x 25

20 Don Quijote

Arm circles…..

Mucho Chesto (If you don’t know what this is by now start posting!)

The Thang: It all started Saturday when I drove by the church steps!

Mosey to the church parking lot…no fool the other one!

11’s with Carolina Dry Docks and Squats.. the equalizer was bear crawl the width of the parking lot and back for the first 6. Switch to High Knees for the final 5. Shoulders seemed loose so lets keep that theme rolling.

Mosey to the church steps for some Joe Hendrix (bear crawl backwards up the steps) and Lunges. Half the PAXs work on Joe Hendrix while the other half do Lunges. Lets do this one 5 times!

Mosey to the corner near the creepy van guys house for some more fun. Lets do 20/20. Half of the PAX do 20 Donkey Kicks on the wall while the other half does 20 Plank Jacks. 3 sets sounds good.

Mosey toward the Chamber of Commerce for 3 sets of Dips and Calf Raises. Lt. Dangle has trouble with numbers so this is how it went. 20 dips, 25 calf raises, 30 dips, 25 calf raises (ballerina style according to Thumper), 25 dips and 25 calf raises pigeon toed.

Mosey to the new head for some wall sits. Wall sit for about a minute…inch worm to the opposite wall and one more minute of wall sit.

***JAIL BREAK back to the flags***


25 LBC I/C

Squid inspired TOT Yoga to end the morning.

Announcements: ReEngage is still open @GraceChurch for you and the M. Get after your marriage like you do the workouts!


Celine D has an upcoming shoulder surgery. This alone is enough for most PAX but he needs some additional prayers for after the surgery. Stay strong brother!

Priscillas mini me has surgery in 2 weeks. Stress starts early with the parents and lil one!

Prayers up men!

Iron sharpens iron-one man sharpens another. Thats what F3 has done for me and hopefully everyone who joins us in the gloom. As always it’s a pleasure and privilege to lead. Keep up the work and SYITG!


Lt. Dangle

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