Gas Chamber

  • Workout Date - 10/02/2018
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Lt Dangle, Live PD, Peekaboo, Road Trip, My 2 Dads, Whisper (WD), Church Lady, Mint Julio, Mayo, Tollbooth, Iceman
  • AO - Pitchfork

11 Jabronies posted at #PitchFork for a cinderblock beatdown.

The Thang
SSH x20
@ChurchLady appears from the #gloom
Tempo Merkins x10
Tempo Squats x15
@LivePD arrives

Line up with back to the cross walk. @PineTar said we have to do burpees as penalty for delinquent #backblasts. I don’t particularly care for burpees so we tweaked it a bit.
Burpee broad jump out ~20yds, 10 hand release merkins, Burpee broad jump back #crowdpleaserNo1

Mosey to the shed, partner up and grab a block (1 per team)
Catch Me If You Can (block style)
P1 – Walk with block overhead
P2 – 5 tempo merkins then sprint to catch partner
Walk counter clockwise around the loop, trading off, then stop at the basketball court for…..

Lazy Dora
Exercise 1 – 60 curls (with block)
P1 curls
P2 reverse plank
flapjack until all reps are done
Exercise 2 – 80 merkins (on the block)
P1 – merkins
P2 – plank
Exercise 3 – 100 flutters (dc) (with block)
P1 – flutters
P2 – 6″
Exercise 4 – 80 squats (with block)
P1 – squats
P2 – people’s chair
Exercise 5 – 60 overhead press
P1 – overhead press
P2 – balls to the wall

Catch Me If You Can (clockwise), back to the shed

Exercise 1
60 curls (with block)
P1 curls
P2 reverse plank
Exercise 2
40 man makers (with block) #crowdpleaserNo2
P1 – man makers
P2 -plank

Put the blocks up and mosey back to the shovelflag…..

Triple Nickel (with sprints)
Set 1
5 narrow squats, 5 normal squats, 5 sumo squats…….sprint 30yds and back the repeato the exercise
Set 2
5 diamond merkins, 5 normal, 5 wide………sprint out and back then repeato the exercise
Set 3
5 dollys, 5 dollys at 45*, 5 rosalitas……sprint, repeato the exercise

Circle up for 3 MOM
Tempo American Hammers x10
One legged flutters x10 (ea leg)
Pete Chilcutt


Naked Moleskin
– @Whisper still wears khaki shorts
– @MintJulio’s hair was perfect post workout
– I caught @My2Dad’s flexing his biceps when he thought @RoadTrip was looking at him
– @ChurchLady wasn’t last to the workout this morning but did take him all of the SSH to get his gloves on
– We renamed the basketball court #GasChamber after someone dropped a nuclear grade cropdust bomb. @Dangle blamed @LivePD since he left early
– @PineTar was “conveniently” absent for the backblast penalty….

– @PineTar’s sister
– @ChurhLady’s friend Chris Cogdill’s daughter died unexpectedly

See ya in the gloom…..

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