• Workout Date - 08/28/2014
  • Q In Charge - SatisFRY
  • The PAX - Iceman, Goggles, Buckeye, Back-up, Zorro, Denied, Epee, Washer, 1040, Frankenrider, Aloha, Brown Sugar, Mab Mab, Preppy, Grim Reaper, Bubba Gump, Libor, All 7 Seven Dwarfs, Blue Screen, Stewie, malpractice, pedilyte, zaxsnack, Spongebob, Screech, Houdini, Debit, Latka,
  • AO -

YHC’s birthday is tomorrow and he wanted incorporate a few of his favorites before he becomes a hate and oddly enough 28 other PAX decided to join him and got to work

Warm Up:
SSH x 30 IC
MC x 30 IC
DIPS x 20 IC

IR – Double Apple Sauce Style
To Army/Navy Store – Plank until others catch up #nomanleftbehind
Continue to Lazy Goat/Hampton Inn
Circle Up for Brokeback Mountain – 45sec
#wavetothepoliceman #fail

Get into 2 groups facing iStore

Bear Crawl to iStore
Plank when finished
10 Count

Mosey down the stairs to the foot bridge
Duck Walk across Reedy to Main Street Bridge #shoutouttosponge

Partner up with someone similar size
P1: Skull Crushers x 10
P2: Fairy Jacks x 20
Repeato x3
Plank until PAX finish
Mosey to Greenville News Building
Same Partner
P1: Muscle Ups x 20 # thanksiceman #YHClovesthese #smoked
P2: Little Baby Squat Jumps until P1 is done
Repeato x 2

Mosey long way to Amphitheatre
Partner Up
P1: Carolina DryDock x 10
P2: Box Jumps until P1 is done
Repeato x 3

Joe Hendrix up stairs

Ab Slicer IC x 20 Right Leg
Ab Slicer IC x 20 Left Let
Erectors IC x 30
Convergence at F3Greer “THEGATE on Saturday
Goldstip is splitting on 9/8/14 at the clocktower – Macho Man site Q
F3 Upstate is expanding again – F3 Anderson in Oct. – Get with Slim, Spongebob, & Bartman
Alot of injuries are happening – please take care of your body and remember to stretch and modify if needed.
Pray for Walker Phillips “NailPop’s son – they are in Atlanta now.
Pray for all those that are suffering


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