Gameday at the Tankyard

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  • Workout Date - 09/30/2022
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Aye, as a Gamecock, we have vacillated between hopeless nihilism and cautious optimism for the season that kicks off tonight. “How like life,” you say? Indeed. It all comes down to perspective, I’d say. With so much information, #hottakes, confusion and fear out there, it’s hard to figure out who and what to trust.

And that’s just in football. That’s before we even begin talking about less important stuff like politics and general good will amongst our fellow men and women.

Fortunately, we have a nice level set that we can give ourselves everyday to keep us grounded. I haven’t been taking the old #redpill much lately. It’s about time I changed that, and I hope that today is the start of it. To keep myself honest, I signed up to Q back in the friendly confines of the Black Hole surrounding the Tank. Here’s what went down:


10 x 5 (10 burpees/minute on the minute for five minutes)

“This is the WARMUP?” – Amphibious asks, discussing an early mutiny

Yes, that’s the warm up. As Das Hitman would say: “efficient as $%&#…”

Mosey to the bottom of Semper’s Hill

Ark Ladder

Bearcrawl up to the big tree / merkin at the top

Jameis down and bigboy situp at the bottom

Ascending reps until you hit 7

Q starts getting odd looks and questions regarding whether I ate paint chips or lived under power lines as a kid.

Most pull the parachute on the Jameis downhill and modify to a lunge walk, but Semper does manage to complete the entire series along with YHC as instructed. Marines ain’t very smart. Neither am I.

Circle up.

Dan Taylor Mesa/Sacrificial Altar

1 teabagger / 4 lunge ratio up to 5/20. The lunge walkers from the previous series slump their shoulders.

Repeat the 5/20 set before coming back down. (Hence the mesa/sacrificial altar a la Chichen Itza pyramid. Yeah we had a discussion about Mesoamerican cultures encountered by Spanish Conquistadors and their architectural stylings. You got a problem with that?)

Jelly-legged mosey up to the playground.

Hamster Wheel

Pullups x 2 and run around the playground, rinse repeato for 6 minutes.

No idea how many rounds.

Mosey to the courts.


Flutters x 20 IC


Freddie Mercs x 20 IC

Dying Cockroach/Williams-Brice x 20 IC



  • Good times and a fully improv Q. Guess I still got it.
  • GSO does seem to have a #MumbleChatterGuru in Amphibious. Brother didn’t shut up for the entire 45 minutes. That’s a good thing.
  • Prayers for Amphibious’ old friend and issues with addiction
  • Prayers for the family who lost a son at Auburn
  • Praise for Tommy Simms (sp?) in his continued fight/recovery from cancer
  • Whittlelope on 10/8

Enjoy the games this weekend everybody.