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  • Workout Date - 12/09/2023
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1D posting for Tesh

Driving into the parking lot felt like any other day: a balmy 34 degree morning… and then everything changed. Three minutes before post the heavens opened up and dropped a flurry of flurries (See what I did there? It’s called a homonym.) that soon became large snowflakes. Pretty soon the pax was plunged into a winter wonderland. Even if you aren’t a 2-point ‘O’ (Homophone – see i was awake in English class), it’s hard not to feel like a kid when you see the snow coming down and get to romp around in it instead of watch it from your 8×8.

– Warmup
25x SSH
30x IW

– 1st set 3x
Single leg calf raises 30x each (audible to 50, let em burn!)
Wall sit 1 min

Legs warm yet?

– Relay race 3x(for funsies, it’s the Olympics!)
Partner 1 starts on opposite side of the track and runs to tag Partner 2 and runs back.
Partner tag puts you in the starting block (squat, wall sits weren’t enough)
Partner finish releases you out of the chute (see step 1)
(you watch your feet more when there is snow on the ground)

– 2nd set 2x
Bodywieght arm extensions 20x
Modified skullcrushers 20x
Hanging knee to elbow 10x (well, we tried)
Bodyweight row 15x

– 3rd set
Lunging Rodeo Clown

– 6MOM
Merkins (~25ish?) in cadence while the PAX spouted out random numbers (my fault for not being specific enough to request increasing intergers starting from one…)
Hold 6 inches for the quick witted
Hold skeleton (tclaps for 1D and back exercises)
Russian twist 20x
Heals to heaven 21x

TClaps to the faithful. They may have skipped their last chance to run to quick-e-mart and grab a loaf of bread and some milk (and a powerbar).

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