From the Bullpen

  • Workout Date - 07/15/2019
  • Q In Charge - Youkilis
  • The PAX - Carl's Jr, Boomhauer, Change Order, Thumbelina, Shake 'n Bake, Keystone, Tiny Dancer, Duplo and Broccoli
  • AO - Powder Keg

Observations and comments: YHC got the call from the scheduled Q around 1145 the night before and asked if I could step in due to an injury received from being a dumbass … I mean a badass, stomping the Reaper!

We started off with 70F temperatures with spectacular amounts of humidity. Six of the PAX arrived on time, one of the PAX beat the buzzer on two wheels, and three PAX just decided to show up whenever they felt like getting there.  All was forgiven because they need all the beauty sleep they can get.

Warm Up:  20xSSH IC, 20xMC IC, 10’merkins IC, and 20xHillbillies IC

The Thang: Mosey to CJ’s corner for some burp-n-merk, up to 10 and back down to 9. Then a quick mosey down to the dark corner for a jump Dora.  Partner up and then partner A runs to the first light pole & back while partner B jumps rope until relieved, for 3 rounds each.  Sidenote: PAX need to work on our jump roping skills.  Al Gore until all parties are complete.  Mosey to the front doors and line up for some agility drills.  High knees back and forth, Karaoke back and forth, Tennessee Walker’s back and forth, Bear crawls down and crab walks back. Then, mosey back to CJ’s corner to finish the burp-n-merk starting at Ocho.  Next, we went over to the basketball court for sevens of dips and derkins, on the diagonal, with a fly-over salute in the middle. Then a mosey to the side of the church for some Wall of Fire, with each PAX performing five squats. Just enough time for a quick out and back mosey so that we make it back to the flag for six minutes of Mary.  We started with 20 LBC’s, 20 flutters, 20 Freddie Mercury’s (for the Tour) 10 boxcutters out first, and 10 boxcutters up first.

A: 8/3 is second workout breakfast, where food is cooked out in nature, like it is supposed to be. Guaranteed good time or your money back!

Moonshiner 5k September 13th, so much night trail running fun and great swag.

P: Tiny dancers mission trip to Africa (only 6 more weeks to endure) for 6 months

Youkilis’ M

Quaker’s brother during this time of loss

As always it was a pleasure to lead you men in the gloom! Fun was had by all…well maybe not Broccoli.




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