Frogger's Odyssey

  • Workout Date - 10/04/2023
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  • The PAX -
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14 posted in the gloom. YHC had a blast today.The goal was to get the pax out of our normal playground into new territory and to play in traffic #froggertime. Also hoped to see a meteor shower #noshow. The following is YHC’s stream of conscience rambling #hashtagturrets

Warm up
30 x SSH
30 x IW
20 x 4c Mt climber

The Thang
Pax mosied to the old Bi-lo then climbed walls #almostlostaLIFO #wasthatyouGuvnah?, repeato, Set (see below), #frogger (ran through traffic), Hooter’s, ditches, Joe Hendrix (backward plank walk up hill) out of said ditch, #FireAnts, Repeato, #FireAnts, Set, mosey down Woodruff Rd #frogger, mosey up Woodruff Rd #frogger, snake run through ditch, #frogger, bear walk up K-mart hill #rebar #dontgetimpailed, repeato, #poisonivyanyone?, parking lot Set, curb running #balanceisatrickything, plank-o-rama, assualt on McFlurry Hill, mosey, plank, Joe Hendrix again #mumblechatter, #frogger #almostlostapax, Mazda plank, #frogger, Set, mosey through neighborhood #bunyanisourcompass, back in the park we lunge walk then back to flag for COT

5 x burpees
10 x merkins
15 x perfect squats
20 x flutters

COT Naked Moleskin
Great effort by the pax today
Snip-it, Tha Brady Bunch and others outstanding effort running
Ashley’s creativity is blosoming #vQsoon???
Bunyan thanks for the directions #twinpower
Beavis bikes to the AO #overachiever #keepitup
Great mumblechatter by all pax
Fairweather alert callout- Hermie, Hamish, Shannon, Dexter, Lucky Charms, Patriot, Squirrel – it’s warm now #weworeshorts

Get your Ruck on
F3 Nation running Charlotte and Savannah Marathons in November- get your run on
BRR sign up now – get your mountain goat on
Spartanburg launch THIS SATURDAY! #getyourmumblechatteron
Freed to Lead! #mustreadthisbook

Cancer sucks- pray for Flay’s friends
Clapper – praise adoption is moving forward and pray his slumlord status changes soon
Pray for the silent challenges in our pax

Aye Ribbit!


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