Friday Fun Run in Patan Durbar

  • Workout Date - 03/13/2015
  • Q In Charge - Sherpa
  • The PAX - Jimbay, Fisherman, Joseph, Timmay, Sketch, Iron Man, FNG Golf, FNG Beatbox, FNG Novel
  • AO -

Day in and day out, you guys are getting stronger. Stronger in mind and spirit, as well as body.

– Warm up with group hops, then calf raises

Today we took advantage of the many contours of this amazing city, and ran in a loop towards and through the famous Patan Durbar Square. This is an ancient Hindu/Buddhist temple where thousands come to worship. Along the way, we ran over drunk guys in the street, around dog poop, and through dark allies. I love doing this with you guys.

Notes: Fisherman is a natural runner. We need to get him in some races. Iron Man lived up to his name, even running strong in dress shoes.

We stopped and did a variety of exercises along the way, using the tools we had in front of us. Merkins, incline merkins, decline merkins, dips, etc. This took up most of our time, and by the time we booked it back to the Engineering Campus, we had enough time for a round of “Walk the Line”:

– Left foot hops over the line – 30 seconds

– Right foot hopes over the line – 30 seconds

– Quick Feet – 30 seconds

– Walking Pushups – 30 seconds

– Plank – 30 seconds

– Army Crawal (plank to elbow plank, etc.) – 30 seconds

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Repeat. Repeat again.

End with countdown, name-o-rama, and Circle of Trust. Highlights:

– Our FNG Beatbox played some rhythms for us. Awesome.

– Prayers for Sketch’s mother, as well as a refugee friend who is in hard times.

– Prayers for the brick kiln kids club we are running

– We discussed the 4 C’s of Leadership: Confident, Competent, Courageous, Committed

– English class was super encouraging, you guys really blessed me today.

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