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  • Workout Date - 05/05/2015
  • Q In Charge - Spongebob
  • The PAX - Grim Reaper, Houdini, PETA, Iceman, Slim, Pedialite, Stewie, Caviar
  • AO -

9 couldn’t wait another 15 minutes to celebrate Cinco de Mayo so they decided to hit up #earlyedition and see what YHC had in store.
HINT:  With Asheville Super coming at the end of August, YHC’s focus is stairs and hills from here on out.

High-Knee Jumps X 20 OYO (throwing everyone off by not starting with SSH)
Superman Merkins X 10 IC
Mtn Climbers X 20 IC
SSH X 20 (there it is)
IW X 15
Quick pep talk about modifying if need be, but let’s give some good efforts today.

Mosey up main Street…stop at corner of Main/Mcbee
Superman Merkins X 20 IC
Squats X 20 IC

Mosey to parking garage connect to Jimi John’s.
*On a side note, Jimi John’s has great subs and they’re wicked quick at making subs.  It reminds me of my college days when I use to eat 2 subs.  Those days are long behind.  It would go all to my hips.

The Thang
Dora 2-4-6
Partner 1 runs up 7 flights of stairs while partner 2 exercises.  Then Flapjack once P1 gets back down.  Pairs have to complete:
200 X Bib Boy Situps
400 X Air Presses
600 X Mtn Climbers
*The stairs got much taller once the Mtn Climbers got going.  Please don’t let the doctors know that Caviar was doing this workout.  I don’t believe that it is an approved workout for his condition.
**He also questioned YHC’s counting abilities…however that was completely squashed when YHC dominated him up the stairs.
***Down the stairs was a completely different story.  #unbalanced #flayknows

Mosey back to corner of Main/Mcbee
Superman Merkins X 20 IC
Squats X 20 IC

Mosey back to flags
Dips X 20 IC

LBCs X 30 Slow Cadence
Flutters X 20 Slow Cadence
Freddies X 15 Slow Cadence
Russian Twists X 10 Slow Cadence

Naked Foreskin
– Jackalope is going to be sick.  You’re missing out and you know it
– BRR needs some more people to run hills.  You’re missing out and you know it
– Sponge, Snowden signed up for Spartan Super in Asheville Aug 29th.  F3 team already formed as well.  Come one, come all
– May 20th Leadership summit.  If you want to be involved with F3 in Greenville, come on out and listen
– If you haven’t been Q’ing, YOU need to step up.  Otherwise, I will make us rinse and repeat that workout.  You’re on notice.
– PRAISE:  Caviar’s M and 2.0 were involved in a nasty wreck that totaled the minivan, however, left both without a scratch.  This is great on 2 fronts:  Caviar is unable to cook edible food, and the minivan has proven inferior in crashes and must be replaced with a sports car.  Praise God.
– Houdini:  “WE LOVE YOU JESUS”

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