Frequent Flyover Zone: 10 Burpee Penalty – Thank you GSP, Sir!

  • Workout Date - 12/11/2014
  • Q In Charge - Youkilis [VQ]
  • The PAX - Youkilis (VQ), Gluten, Brown Shorts, Steamer, Gutshot, Hook and ladder
  • AO -

6 great pax posted this clear 30F morning for my first Q as I stumbled through learning how to count.


Warm Up:

Side straddle hop x15 ( I think, I was struggling to count)

Crab Cakes x10

Copperhead Squat x10 ( Kind of a stop cadence where you squat on 1 hold on 2 and return on 3)

WWI sit-up x 10



Jog to the blocks and do 21’s curls  ( Trend continues I can’t count so we did it again using smaller numbers)

Try again 7’s curls

Triceps press x 10

Indian run around the parking lot

Ark Loader starting at the bottom of the steps:

-Joe Hendrix up the steps with broad jumps in between and a jog back down

-Crab walk up the steps with lunges in between and a jog to the bottom

-Bear crawl to the top, ending in a plank

Jog to the side of the church for the peoples chair and story time

The block with 6 pain stations:

-merkins x60

-LBC’s x60

-Prisoner squat x60

Impromptu insert due to  fly over at the end of the last block which caused 10 burpees. [At Powder Keg, we seem to get that a lot lately.]


Time for Six Minutes of Mary in three minutes


Rosalita x10

Dolly x10

LBC’s to close the VQ



Anderson F3 lunch – Every Third Monday at the Corner Bagel Shop in Anderson

Trail running for any one that wants to meet at 6:30, before the normal 7AM Saturday powder keg workout

Pray for the F3 brothers that are going though tough times and let them know we miss them

Sorry I forgot the Name-O-Rama, but I wanted to thank all of my F3 brothers that supported me as I muddled though my first Q.  Much respect for what you guys do!!!

4 thoughts on “Frequent Flyover Zone: 10 Burpee Penalty – Thank you GSP, Sir!”

  1. We’ll miss you Overdraft! I’ll stick a Pre-Blast out there… I believe we have some others coming, so perhaps Crunchy & Gutshot will be able to meet a couple of guys I’ve got headlocked. If not, that’s okay too! Corner Bagel can always stand a little more Gluten!

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