Freedom & Sacrifice

  • Workout Date - 03/27/2023
  • Q In Charge - Mab Mab
  • The PAX - iTunes, Playdough, Mr. Bojangles, Orangepeel, AV, Beeker, Fix a Flat, John Boy, Latticorn, Manhole, Brian Mathis FNG (F3 PSI), Billy Bob, Tanneyhill, Peachoid, Beachwarmer, Sponge Bob, Mab Mab (YHC)
  • AO -

17 PAX took advantage of the 6:30 am start time for a Memorial Day Convergence at Eye of the Tyger this morning. We gathered around and followed the shovel flag as we remembered what Memorial Day is about- the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.
Our Freedom came at a cost.

This is how the workout went.

Conditions: 72 degrees, clear, perfect

The Warm Up:
15 Merkins IC
20 Plank Jacks IC
20 Heels to Heaven IC

The Main Thang:
Line up into 2 lines for 1/4 mile Indian Run. Whoever was in front of line carried the Shovel Flag as it led our way. Make our way to the clubhouse, through the gate, and to the viewing tower.
Partner Up.
Human Wheelbarrow & Leg Throws:
One man wheelbarrows around loops surrounding tower, when reach other side, each PAX does 10 Partner Leg Throws. On return journey to start other PAX wheelbarrows. Repeat 10 Partner Leg Throws.
Repeat x2
Plank-o-rama while we waiting.

Over to the sand pit.
ELEVENS w/ Extended Leg Box Jumps and Derkins:
Grab a spot on the wall and start w/ 10 box jumps (land w/ legs extended), and 1 Derkins. Work your way down to 1 Box Jump and 10 Derkins.
Heart rates are elevated now!
Plank-o-rama while waiting.

Through the tunnel for a little Dora.
DORA 1-2-3:
Parnter up w/ same PAX from earlier.
As one PAX makes his way around the hill run lap, the other PAX starts on:
100 LBCs
200 Squats
300 Flutter Kicks single counts
Keep rotation until each group of PAX completes the required numbers.

On way back stop for 10 Donkey Kicks in the tunnel…crowd pleaser!

Follow YHC w/ the Shovel Flag back to meet Mary- note this return journey had some zig zags on the hills. Pain!

Almost made it back but YHC had to pause from exhaustion- wait, no stopping- let’s make it lunge walks across the parking lot.

4 MOM:
20 Mountain Climbers IC
15 Oblique Crunches each side IC
20 Freddy Mercury’s IC

Name-O-Rama/ Naming of Falling Soldiers:
iTunes: Horace Young Army Died Nov 8, 1942
Playdough: Wyatt Martin Dec. 12, 2014
Mr Bojangles: Vincent Clark 1968
Orange Peel: Washington James August 1968
AV: Andrew Edwards Dec 9, 2009
Beeker: Christopher Landis Feb 10th, 2014
Fix a Flat: Operating Enduring Warrior:
John Boy- Robert Cain Jan 24, 1943
Latticorn: Landon Gentry Dec 17th 1943
Manhole: David Lee Army May 25, 2008
Brian Mathis FNG (F3 PSI): Adam C Ross- July 24th, 2012
Billy Bob: James Moore Dec 7, 1941
Tanneyhill:TJ Mulinksky
Peachoid: Shawn Hill, Jan 2008
Benchwarmer: Randy Sugar/Gary Gordon Black Hawk Down 1993
Sponge Bob: Jonathan Gifford- 1st soldier to die in Iraq War 2 days into war
Mab Mab: David Gray Airforce, August 8, 2012

1 Minute of Silence for Rememberance

Prayers for iTunes M’s grandmother, heart issues

Peachoid’s co-worker who died Memorial Day last year of heart attack. Pray for Farr Family.

Prayers for attendance clerk at Greer High that found husband dead. Prayers for family.

Prayer for Manholes Step-dad who went to ER w/ possible gall bladder

For any PAX- if you don’t take anything else away- take away the truth that our freedom came and comes at a precious cost. It comes from the sacrifices of the soliders listed above, and for any that has sacrificed his life serving our country. It comes from those who are serving in arms as this is written. As you are reminded be grateful and humbled at what is done for you. Take that gratitude and humility and pay it forward to bring life change to those around you.
I am proud to be amongst this group of men who share the common bond of F3. Let us encourage and sharpen one another as we lead in our homes and in our communities.

God bless.

Mab Mab

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