Freaky 13 for Friday 13th

  • Workout Date - 07/13/2018
  • Q In Charge - Short Barrel
  • The PAX - Whisper (Respect), NYOPT, The Muff, Soccer Mom, Mint Julep, ATM, Sammy, Benign, Peek-A-Boo, Mayo, Officer Poncherello, LOB, Short Barrel
  • AO - Pitchfork

I got to pitchfork a little early to discover a measly attempt to block of the parking lot due to some repaving. Well done Greenville County School district, but I think we all know who the real person behind it is. Mint Julep is not about to hand off a crappy A.O. without some much need improvements. Job well done. So I sneak past the barricade only to see several cars already in the parking lot. Run nerds are out, but be careful, I heard they are trying to infect a lot of the pax, but they are not getting this guy. No spank you!

Head over to where we keep the tire, blocks and fire hose to discover that somebody put the  tire about 10′ under a low lying tree. So after grunting, cussing (just a little), maybe a shart or two, I finally got it free. Next several minutes were moving some blocks, tire, sandbags (Thanks LOB) and fire hose over to the playground.  Now that the humidity is 150% and there is not a try spot on me (especially my shorts), back to the flags to continue the workout.

Mission Statement: I knew but wanted to recap Church Lady’s rendition.  “F3, to invigorate men”

Disclaimer: Just follow my lead (always modify)

Warm-up: 20 x SSH IC

20x Hillbillies IC

Little baby arm circles forwards and backwards

The Thang:

Head to the play ground and partner up for 7 stations. Tabata and AMRAP style. 1 minute workout/ 15 sec. rest.

Station 1: Concrete blocks on the BBall court. pax in the middle does flutters while holding block overhead. Pax #2 carries one block in each hand around perimeter of court. Short walk = lunges, long walk = normal carry.

Station 2: Tire flip back and forth with a burpee after every flip.

Run to the entrance of the bus loop and back.

Station 3: 60lbs. sandbag squats while pax #2 throws 40lbs. sandbag over parallel bars goes to the other side and repeato.

Station 4: Pullups and leg raises

Run to the entrance of the bus loop and back.

Station 5: with weights flys and then curls

Station 6: Battle hose (use fire hose like ropes alternating up and down with each arm) and pax #2 upright rows

Station 7: Kettle bell swings with block and pax #2 shoulder press with weights.

We used all 20lbs dumbells except for upright rows we used 15lbs.  All the pax got through all 7 stations and we got in over a mile running. Put all the equipment up and back to the flags. Done!

T-Claps to the run nerds who got in 3.5 miles before hand. (3B, LOB, Mint Julep, Mayo, & NYOPT)

Announcements: Mac has the Q at Pitchfork tomorrow, 7/20 Sammy’s 1 year anniversary Q from his M.I. (oh sorry myocardial infarction, that’s a heart attack fellas) I sometimes forget I’m a doctor, site Q change Monday at TOT LOB-Lt. Dangle, Tuesday convergence at Golden Strip with site Q change Benign-NYOPT, following Tuesday convergence at PF for site Q change MJ-PineTar.

Prayers: Andrew Brunson, Cheesesteak funeral for mom, F3 Gump in Lexington area funeral for son tomorrow, Deflated safe travels.

Always a pleasure brothers!

Short Barrel

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