Four Corners at The Station

  • Workout Date - 03/28/2017
  • Q In Charge - Perry Mason
  • The PAX - Grrr, iTunes, No Bars, Wax On (respect), Cockroach, Mr. Head, Almond Joy, Kindergarten Cop, CHIPS (f/n/a FNG Joshua), Camelbak (f/n/a FNG Alex), Perry Mason
  • AO -

YHC returned from watching the Gamecocks take down Florida yesterday. I got off the plane feeling excited, but also bit heavier than when I left from the beer and my visit to Shake Shack. So when I saw Grrr’s tweet about needing a Q at the Station, I jumped on it.

My original plan was to head down to Tank Street, but there were a couple of FNGs posting this morning, and I figured it would be best not to run too far from the AO. So we audibled a bit.


SSH x 20, then a roving warmup as he headed to Canon and Jason. We did butt kickers, high knees, and karaoke as we traveled.

The Workout

Time for four corners. We did an escalator where we added an exercise at each corner of the block. Round 1:

10 hand release merkins
20 donkey kicks (modified to LBC’s on the 3rd corner because there was not enough wall space)
30 squats
40 corkscrews

Grrr must not have run enough at the P200, as he was out of the gates fast this morning.

For round 2, we reversed direction(and switched the exercise order to avoid the donkey kick problem):

10 HR merkins
20 squats
30 donkey kicks
40 corkscrews

No Bars resumed his usual place out in front of the back at this point and for the remainder of the workout.

We followed 4 corners up with 20 dips and 20 derkins at the entrance to the park.

With the FNGs, I thought we should show them a bit of the AO, so we moseyed down to the stairs near the pond for Joe Hendrix, before going to the gazebo. There, we alternated exercises and laps around the pond:

10 pullups
20 lunges
20 oblique LBCs

Next we went to the shelter for 20 bench presses before it was time for Mary.

We did plank shoulder touches, heels to heaven, and a medley of Rosalita and Dolly.

Naked Moleskin

We got to welcome two new brothers:

Joshua, now known as CHIPS (law enforcement officer)

Alex, now known as Camelbak (former calvary officer)

Good work today, men.

Perry Mason

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