Four Corners

  • Workout Date - 06/24/2014
  • Q In Charge - Zoila / Iceman
  • The PAX - Bill Nye, Houdini, Stewie, San Diego, Phil Dunphy (Main Thang FNG), Holla, Punchout, Annie Oakley, Urkel, 1040, FNG Cheddar Biscuit (Bishop Scott), Debit, SpongeBob, Erector, FNG Brokeback (Kyle Price), FNG Cookie (WB) (Colin Price), Latka, FNG Ginger Snap (Trey Ingram), Sherpa, Highlights, Graceland, Handy Manny, Saddle Sore, Aloha, Pedialyte, Iceman, Hardhat, Inspector Gadget (WD), Denied, Washer, Grit, Zoila (Q)
  • AO -

32 Upstate men were on hand, making the conscious decision to grab today by the horns.

Conditions: 70 degrees F, mostly clear, muggy.

The Thang:

Plank for 1 minute, discuss 3 measures of fitness that YHC (and Grit) found in some old backblast/the interweb: the ability to plank for 2 minutes, the ability to stand up from your 6 without using hands/elbows, and a waistline less than half of your height.

SSH x 15

Merkin x 10

Mosey to Main/Washington intersection, plank-o-rama

Mosey down Washington to Spring Street Parking Garage, plank-o-rama

Bear crawl up to first level, Balls to the wall until pax catch up

Backwards run up to the top, plank-o-rama, count off into groups of 4

This being my virgin Q, it did not go exactly as YHC had expected, nor last as long as YHC had hoped….

There are four stairwells at the top of the Parking Garage, each at a different corner.  They go from level 1-6.  Each team was supposed to go a different corner, Indian Run to the bottom and back to the top, do an exercise, then rotate to the next corner.  Some groups rotated, some didn’t.  YHC saw one group running up the ramp instead of the steps, maybe they got locked out?  Another group did an exercise at the bottom and the top, essentially doubling up.  Either way, my fault as Q for not being more explicit.  YHC knows that my group audibled out of Indian Run b/c our six (YHC) simply could not catch the rest of the pax running down the stairs.  Here’s how it is written, but not necessarily how it happened.

First trip down and up, Airhumpers x20

Second trip down and up, Burpees x5

Third trip down and up, LBCs x20

Fourth trip down and up, Merkins x5

Mosey to the bottom of the parking garage.

Crab walk across the street and back x5.

Mosey back to the Peace Center, AYG from the Fountain.

12MOM (Iceman at Q)

LBC Chasers x20

Low Plank Jacks x10


Russian Twists x15

Superman Burpees x10




Bishop Scott -> From Aiken, where there are horses -> Seabiscuit -> Cheddar Biscuit

Kyle Price -> Chiropractor -> Brokeback

Colin Price -> US Navy Dive instructor -> The dive instructor in a movie w/ Cuba Gooding Jr calls him Cookie

Trey Ingram -> Has red hair -> Ginger Snap, or Ginger Farkas, whichever he prefers


Thanks again for everyone for the kind words on my VQ, and thanks to Iceman for use of the watch, sorry YHC did not use it appropriately.  There were some true Larry Birds out there this morning, Houdini, Aloha and Saddle Sore were out front a good bit.  Handy Manny dominated the crab walks.  Inspector Gadget paced the group YHC was in during four corners in the stairwell, and YHC heard Grit’s #mumblechatter in my right ear when we looped around the courtyard for the second time on the way back to the Peace Center…maybe it was Latka.  Hopefully it was a good time for Larry Birds, Clydesdales and FNGs alike.


Spicoli is on the DL with cancer treatment, Erector is about to go on the DL (for up to 12 months!) with cancer treatment.  Not only are our prayers with these guys, but keep them in mind w/ all 3 F’s.  1st F is only 1/3 of the deal (I’m big on math), 2ndF and 3rdF are just as important (if not more so at certain points in time).

Expansion!: PowderKeg at Marathon Church in Powdersville, this Saturday June 28 at 7 AM.  From what I’ve been told, Domer Simpson may have the Q.  Support from all the pax would be great for a Big Bang.  Cleveland Park new Saturday workout is coming, stay tuned.  Greer is launching in August at Greer City Park.  #ABD #Starfish #EH

3rdF Workout launching tomorrow at One City Plaza (aka The Plaza Formerly Called Piazza Bergamo) from 1145-1230.  The topic for the next several weeks is the book of James.  Format is open-discussion.  No prerequisites.  YHC has the Q for the first week, followed by Banjo and Bartman.

2ndF at Starbucks downtown after every Main Thang and Lions Den.

This is YHC’s own personal announcement, it was not discussed at COT, but the thought came to mind as we did crab walks that sometimes we call them Jameis Winstons because Jameis Winston stole some crab legs from a grocery store, or something like that.  Then the thought occurred to me that Jameis Winston is a real person, in close proximity to our boys in Tallahassee…. With this Backblast YHC is officially launching the Public EH of Jameis Winston.  Come on Tallahassee, how about you become the first AO with a Heisman winner posting?  A few thousand tweets should get his attention…





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