Found my cards!

  • Workout Date - 12/13/2017
  • Q In Charge - Thumper
  • The PAX - Whisper, Deflated, NYOPT, Benign, Anna, Elsa, EZBake, Officer Poncharello, SoccerMom, RoadTrip,
  • AO -

Yo Leven PAX put the fartsack in headlock, kicked in the sensitive area, and then bludgeoned it with fists of man.    A little more dramatic than just saying 11 pax at pf, no?  Anyway, good crowd, on Friday, with PF reglars.    YHC lead a dumbbell workout last month, in which intended to do a dumbbell DOD, and completely lost my cards, and so an improv Dora was done.    This time…..found my cards…..

Welcome, Disclaimer, enough with the chat chit:


SSH x 30IC

IW x 30IC

Farmer carry to speedway, drop dumbells on curb, go grab sandbags, return to curb.


Hearts: Superman Merkins on curb

Diamonds: Squats with dumbbell

Spades: Hammercurl to Shoulder press

Clubs: Pull over with Sandbag (my favorite)

YHC new the pacing makes all the difference in the world with the suck factor, so I tried to keep it peppy.   Preposterous amount of hearts on the bottom of the deck leading the PAX and YHC to seriously doubt the shuffling skills of…..uh…..myself.    I had a sense of pride that we made it through the whole deck with a few minutes to spare until returning from the sandbag drop off and realizing there was 1 card left in box that I had missed when removing the cards…….it was not a heart.   No time for MOM.


Swamp Rabbit Half 

Greenville News 5K

Upstate GrowRuck: Tentatively June 9 – 10


Deflated’s Brother, Poole Family, O’Sullivans, Catherine (Breast Cancer), YHC’s work

Always an honor to lead!


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