For the non-Drifters

  • Workout Date - 02/06/2016
  • Q In Charge - Wally
  • The PAX - Earthmover, Almond Joy, YHC
  • AO -

While most PAX ran the Drifter, The Station had to keep on track. Three PAX came to see what I had in store.

Warm up

15 SSH

15 IW

That’s enough so time to Mosey down the road.

Stop at the crossroads for 25 LBC’s. Continue to the church to grab our blocks.

Wait!  We haven’t had our morning Joe so up the church steps we go. Now let’s grab our blocks.

Since there are three of us, we had to modify the traditional Dora to individual Dora.  Here’s how it went.  We each did the following exercises but ran the length of the parking lot after 25 reps.

50 overhead presses

100 chest presses

150 bicep curls

100 block squats

50 block LBC’s

Not nearly enough time taken so let’s ladder down from 20 with squats and merkins. Start with 20 each then walk two parking spaces and do 19 each all the way down to 0.

Overhead carry our blocks back to the pile and then mosey back towards The Station.

We haven’t done enough legwork so time for some Lt. Dan down the street. Only needed to get to 4 and 16 before I am ready to run again.

Mosey to playground for 25 dips and 10 pull-ups then rinse and repeat. Finally time for Mary!  Longest hour ever.


50 Russian Twists

25 backscratchers

25 Erectors

25 LBC’s


Prayers for our brothers running The Drifter.

Always a pleasure leading the PAX and this morning was no exception. Keep coming out.

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