Flower Power

  • Workout Date - 06/16/2015
  • Q In Charge - Punkin Spice
  • The PAX - Schneider, Posh Spice, Noonan?sp (Whit?sp from F3 North Augusta, Hard Hat's brother-in-law, Welcome!), THE Hard Hat, PETA, Stewie, Caviar, Soup, Houdini, Soul Plane (RESPECT!), Handy Manny, Punkin Spice
  • AO -

12 Pax put in their downPAINment and got better this morning at the Early Thang. Little warm out in the gloom today, but a glorious day nonetheless!

The idea for this Q came about one day when YHC and Handy Manny were joking about Qing a workout that only consisted of playing the ‘song unformally known as Sally’ (song is formally known as Flower, by Moby, hence Flower Power!) for the entire workout and performing different exerises each time. That may be a little excessive so YHC decided to only torture the Pax with 3 exercises (upper, lower, core) and 3 repeats of Flower, which, to help you understand the torture, is a 3min30sec song that has a whopping total of 22 words. Shout-out to Posh (Spice) who brought his portable speaker for the Pax to enjoy, it is a little on the fritz, and we couldn’t get it working for a few minutes until if finally decided to cooperate at exactly 0515. YHC was going to do some SSHs for a quick warm-up, but, at this point, was so flustered with the speaker that, as soon as it actually started working YHC put the Pax in ‘starting position’ and the warm-up completely fell through the cracks, sorry brothers!

note** Flower consist of 4 groupings, pedals, if you will,  of ‘up/down’ broken by a short chorus (which leaves you in the down position) the groupings are 8-5-5-12 (only 30 reps!) so…

First exercise is…

Flower (upper) – YHC didn’t want to completely crush the Pax with merkins, mostly being held in the down position, the entire song, so upper was broken up into bird-dog (plank, left leg up, right arm out/up, down, right leg, left arm, alternate) for the first ‘pedal’ of 8 reps., hand release merkins for the next 2 – 5 rep. ‘pedals, and finally, merkins for the last ‘pedal’ of 12 reps.

Lap around PC, coming back up at the amphitheater, up the stairs, and back to the front of the PC to circle back up for round 2…

Flower (lower) – nothing fancy here, straight squats, get low.

Umm.. I guess Main Thang needs to start soon, no time for another lap around PC, on to round 3…

Flower (core) – 6 inches/leg raises. Start with 6″, on ‘up’ command bring both legs up to 90°, and on ‘down’ command, back to 6″ and hold until next ‘up’ command.

We finished right at 0530, but Main Thang had already decided to mosey to another location for their warm-up, sorry GCOD!

Mosey down main to the Liberty Bridge for..

Dora 1,2,3

Partner up (size does not matter), one partner performs exercise while other partner runs the Liberty Bridge and back, flap jack, and pick up at the rep. number your partner stopped on.

100 – Xs & Os (on your 6, pull knees in to chest with feet up so you are only on your 6, this is O, now recline slightly and spread all limbs outs to make a X, but still with only your 6 touching the ground, repeat)

200 – Single count Crab Crunches (Sushi special) (in crab-walking position bring your left knee up and right elbow over to touch, in a twisting motion, back down, then right knee and left elbow, repeato)

300 – Single count Mnt. Climbers

annnnddd… there are still 15 minutes left, time for some freestyle…

next exercise is… Jack Webb (up to 5:20 ratio and back down)

still about 9 mins left, mosey back to PC…

partner back up for partner plank sit-ups (one partner in sit-up position, the other partner holds their partners feet while in planking) x25 reps. each partner.

YHC gave a short talk about Spicoli (cancer and treatment he has gone through over the past years) and how 1D used to end all of his Qs with 10 superman burpees, that became better known simply as Spicolis. So, last exercise is…



Announcments & Prayer Request:

-Caviar had praise and thanks! He says a year ago  his personal life was “rough”, but that this past year has been “great” and accredits F3 for assisting that effort. Thanks for sharing and proud of you brother! You are 10 years older than me but look ten years younger, Happy Birthday!

-Countine prayers for Hard Hats brother (F3-In School Suspension) and his family, and all of the vast Patrick family for that matter. ISS and his family leave July 6 to live in Ethiopia for 3 years for missions. So praise on that behalf as well.

-Bazooka Ball, AO vs AO. Read more here… http://f3nation.com/2015/06/15/f3-bazooka-ball/

-3rd F, The Valley, tomorrow 11:45a. Banjo Q.


As always brethren, it was an honor to sweat and get better beside you out there in the gloom!

Pax Propter Vim

Punkin Spice


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  1. Punkin – I loved seeing the Crab Crunches make it to your Q. I also assume the mountain climbers were done proper???? Feet come all the way forward, or the form police make you do it again. This looked like a smoker!! After the tour…I will have to make it to one of your Q’s

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