Florida Man VS F3 Man

  • Workout Date - 01/31/2023
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“Florida Man” has become a running joke in the media lately.

“Florida Man Brawls in Pizzeria Over Cheese-Covered Garlic Knots”

“Florida Man Becomes First Person in America to Crash $1.4 Million Car”

What’s the anti-Florida Man? Hopefully we are striving for something higher. Here’s a list I came up when thinking about the best qualities in my brothers, something we can all aspire to. F3 Man:

– Isn’t afraid to push through resistance and do something almost unbearable, every day
– Knows that physical fitness has little to do with the body, and a lot to do with developing mental fortitude
– Isn’t afraid to stand for something, when most are afraid to stand for anything
– Isn’t afraid to look foolish rolling around in the mud before the sun comes up, every day
– Isn’t afraid to turn his back on excuses
– Isn’t afraid of the seemingly impossible and ludicrous (e.g., CSAUP)
– Isn’t afraid to look up and ask for help, every day
– Isn’t afraid of a silly nickname
– Isn’t afraid to follow enthusiastically
– Isn’t afraid to step up and lead, even if it brings criticism
– Isn’t afraid to get up early, insanely early
– Isn’t afraid to open up to brothers about struggle
– Isn’t afraid to take responsibility and ownership
– Isn’t afraid to serve when no one is looking
– Isn’t afraid to look slow or weak, for the sake of the other
– Isn’t afraid to help
– Isn’t afraid to need fellowship
– Isn’t afraid to be inclusive, rather than exclusive
– Isn’t afraid to put positive pressure on a brother (EH), every day
– Isn’t afraid to ask for help, when he’s afraid

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