FLORA makes a return to the Tower

  • Workout Date - 04/21/2016
  • Q In Charge - Floppy Disc
  • The PAX - Pet Stain, Puma, Lite Brite, Look Out Below, Name Your Own Price Tool, The Commodore (Respect, WD), Gymboree (Respect), Soccer Mom, Lotus (Hate, WB), Squid, Floppy Disc (YHC)
  • AO -

You know, when you have an Achilles Tendon that starts causing YHC problems, you look for workouts that won’t hurt your heel.  When word was sent there was a Q needed for #ToT, YHC jumped on the opportunity, or just walked over to it gingerly, as my heel allowed.

After a nice 3 mile rucking warmup with @Puma and @LookOutBelow, here is what went down.


  • SSH x25 IC
  • Long mosey to the brickpile to make sure everything is nice and loose.

FLORA (aka Floppy Disc’s Lazy Dora w/ coupons)

After arriving at our favorite parking lot across from the coupon station, all with coupons in tow, pax were instructed to partner up for a Flora 1-2-3.  Here’s how it goes:

100 decline merkins

  • P1 starts derkins, feet on the coupon, up to 10
  • P2 planks through 10 derkins, and then flapjack w/ partner
  • Rinse and repeat

200 Big BoySit Ups w/ coupon

  • P1 starts BBSU holding coupon, up to 20
  • P2 holds coupon above chest, and legs 6″ off ground through 20 BBSU, then flapjacks w/ partner
  • Rinse and repeat

300 Goblet Squats w/ coupon

  • P1 starts goblet squats, up to 25
  • P2 holds coupon in Al Gore position through 25 squats, then flapjacks w/ partner
  • rinse and repeat

Slow lap around the islands to work out the legs while the 6 was finishing, and then everyone joins in for the last 25 squats IC.

Still had some time, so let’s go for:


  • 10 Freddy Mercury at the close island in the parking lot
  • Run to the covered awning
  • 1 Merkin
  • Rinse and Repeat, dropping a round of Freddy Mercury, add a Merkin

5 mins to go, so return the coupons, mosey back to the flag


Flutters for a minute


  • Annc – Touch base w/ Footloose (@msycreek on twitter) to sign up for #HandsOnGreenville – work day 4/30, working with @HomesofHope
  • Prayers
    • Prayers for @NailPop and family – #WalkerStrong – Walker went to be home with Jesus yesterday
    • Prayers for @OfficerPoncharello – 2.0 having tonsils removed this AM
    • Prayers for @ATM – Wisdom Tooth recovery

@LiteBrite took us out in prayer



This workout is harder than it sounds on paper- the coupons get heavier the longer you go, I promise!  We started with 25 lbs coupons, and I’m pretty sure when we put them back in the stack, they weighed about 70 lbs a piece.

TClaps to @LookOutBelow for wearing the weight vest for the whole post – gotta be brutal brother!

TClaps as well to @LiteBrite, @LookOutBelow, and @Puma for pacing the group on the Elevens

Great work gents!  I wouldn’t be out there without all of you to keep me coming back.


Floppy Disc


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