Fleshy Diamonds and a Bridge Christening

  • Workout Date - 02/18/2016
  • Q In Charge - Houdini
  • The PAX - Myself, FNG Marketing Chick (Latka), Sponge Worthy, Hootie, Weed Smacker, Domer, Stewie, 1040, Bubba Gump, Wee Man, PETA
  • AO -

11 good-timing nipple pinchers grabbed life by the berries and enjoyed some exercise in the city.

Gloom Observations – Sponge Bob is really a 19 year old frat boy disguised as a responsible married man with a job – he tapped a keg last night at Barleys and will be out again at Community Taint tonight.  We spent some quality time on the newly opened Cancer Survivors Park Bridge, not to be confused with the Fleshy Fun Bridge (which is my new favorite term for Nacho thanks to FNG Sand Diago).  Our Marketing Chick, Latka, forgot to put his board shorts on over his pants but totally redeemed himself by updating me on the Hoff’s divorce status.  Hootie’s fleshy duster should be hung like dice on the rearview of all window-less vans.  Weed is cheap and won’t purchase an extra 2 inches for the good of the Wacker team.  I was two minutes late to my own Q b/c I HAD A STAGE 5 CLINGER AND HAD TO SPEND A REDICULOUS AMOUNT OF TIME WIPING MY PENNY

*No disclaimer to start – I graduated with a 2.6 GPA in Business/Economics and am therefore qualified to impersonate a certified personal trainer

Warm up:
SSH X 0 / IW X 0 / Hill Billy X 0

The Taint:

Dips X 15 / Dragon Fly X15 / Fleshy Diamonds X10 REPEATO

*FDs are simply a form-focused Diamond, think taco/nose/extend


Pause down in the park by the Gov’s school for Derkins X20 / Lunges X40 / Merkins X20


The CSP Bridge:

Lunge walks / Derkins / LBCs / Bear Crawls / Flutters mixture all the way up for about 20 minutes


Cut over for some hill work near the Chamber:

20 HR Merks and sprint up the Oakland Ave hill, moseyback down

10 HNJs X 10 and sprint back up the Oakland Ave hill


10 HNJs before the Liberty Bridge then sprint across

MOSEY scenic route home

Naked Moleskin:



Bubba left his jacket and Sponge will be wearing it to his next Mixer




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